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Overview of Oracle Suites
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Our experience

Our experience

For more than 25 years Atlantic has offered and implemented several ERP solutions throughout the many diverse Oracle Suites. We are also proud of our exclusive ERP True Cloud with JD Edwards.

The implementation of an ERP solution is a complex process that requires technical, functional and applicative skills, as well as a profound knowledge of the industry (Engineering & Construction, Fashion & Apparel). Our consulting service meets all these needs and accompanies you at all stages of the digital transformation of your Enterprise Resource Planning process: we map out your business processes, identify critical ones and optimise them.

We have developed an implementation of a structured Change Management methodology for ongoing innovation Oracle ERP Cloud projects and to support the delicate adoption phase of systems already in use. Thanks to our Customer Success Journey approach we are able to generate documentation that positively influence all the areas of the adoption of the new solution.

Oracle solutions

Oracle solutions

Make your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gain resilience and agility, while positioning yourself for growth. We offer a full suite of Oracle Clouds that will give you the power to adapt business models and processes quickly so you can reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate more.

Our exclusive ERP True Cloud with Oracle JD Edwards gives our clients internet access to a complete financial management system while we do the rest of the work, implementation and documentation.

In addition, we offer the full cloud solution Oracle Cloud with the Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud suites. Oracle ERP Cloud is a multi-tenant architecture that gives customers continuous and instantaneous access to the latest product upgrades. Oracle SCM Cloud guarantees lower costs and maximum flexibility with the advantage of a more sustainable supply chain.

Moreover, another option we offer is the HCM Cloud that is specifically aimed at streamlining and giving better capabilities for the implementation and documentation of Human Resource departments.

Oracle benefits

Oracle benefits

Explore all the benefits of the Oracle ERP Cloud solutions and get ready to be amazed by its agile performance. Moving from on-premises to Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud applications, changes more than your technology: it revolutionises all your operational models. Oracle ERP Cloud and specifically ERP True Cloud with Oracle JD Edwards allow you the ability to combine multiple modules for varied industries, whether it’s finance documentation, logistics, services, manufacturing, job management, SCM, and HCM.

We ensure updates and product improvement, industry processes embedded in forms, fast delivery and deployment, personalised user experience and cyber security at the highest level.

Enter into the world of Oracle Suites. See how Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can streamline your business processes and give you peace of mind.

  • ERP True Cloud with
    Oracle JD Edwards

    The legendary JD Edwards ERP applications are innovative, robust and time-proven reliable for several industries as testimonies by hundreds of our clients worldwide.

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  • Oracle Cloud

    It is a full cloud solution which integrates AI, IoT and Blockchain.

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  • HCM Cloud | Human Capital Management

    HCM Cloud is a one-of-a-kind technology for the Human Resource industry. The solution can increase the agility and efficiency of HR processes, ensuring maximum employee engagement and retention. 

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    Simone Caslini ERP Resource Manager

  • Massimo Pignolo

    Massimo Pignolo ERP Solutions Manager/Specialist

  • Lorenzo Ancona

    Lorenzo Ancona VP ERP Cloud Solutions

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