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The legendary JD Edwards ERP applications are innovative, robust and time-proven reliable for several industries as testimonies by hundreds of our clients worldwide. 

Main functionalities include finance, logistics, purchase, manufacturing and project management.

Oracle ERP team walking

Main functionalities include finance, logistics, SCM, manufacturing and project management. 

Atlantic has rendered them into a True ERP Cloud, whereas you will only need to have access to the internet anywhere in the world, and we think about the rest. 

There is no initial investment and your subscription fee includes:

  • automatic upgrades to the latest release;
  • data replicated with a backup service and hosted in the most secured data centers in the world;
  • unlimited data storage and back-up;
  • disaster recovery;
  • fast activation and immediate implementation;
  • simplified roll-outs. 

There is continuous innovation which includes IoT orchestrator, customisable dashboards and 80+ mobile apps.

From today forward, you can concentrate on your business by reducing costs and letting our True Cloud think of the rest.

Meet our ERP True Cloud with Oracle JD Edwards experts
  • Simone Caslini

    Simone Caslini ERP Resource Manager

  • Massimo Pignolo

    Massimo Pignolo ERP Solutions Manager/Specialist

  • Lorenzo Ancona

    Lorenzo Ancona VP ERP Cloud Solutions

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