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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence help stakeholders and analysts understand data and how its impacting the business and forecasted trends. Using Tableau Enterprise BI, everyone can read the same data and have a single version of the truth.

Give order to the chaos with Tableau: the most advanced BI tool in the market

We live in a Data Driven culture where numbers are influencing all aspects of an organisation.

Modern BI and Tableau Enterprise BI offer intuitive analytical innovation to solve real business problems with new features that are deeply impactful, in a simpler, faster way. 

Through Tableau Enterprise, all data in a company is stored, managed, and analysed using a “single source of truth” concept. As one of the most advanced BI tools available, it is easily integrated into your ERP or CRM solution. It’s an intuitive solution, so all processes are easier and more efficient. With built-in visual best practices, Tableau Enterprise enables limitless visual data exploration.

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  • 2014

    Established Tableau Partnership

  • 70+

    Projects delivered

  • 87%

    Reduced time in creating reports

We are Tableau Enterprise experts

Let us shape, clean and organise your data so that your company will reach new heights. 

Atlantic has been a partner of Tableau Enterprise since 2014 and with this, we’ve gained an innumerable amount of experience implementing the Tableau analytic solution. This includes integrating it into any front office solution (like Salesforce CRM) and back office solution (like Oracle ERP Cloud), thus enhancing the overall efficiencies of your combined Cloud and on premise solutions.  

We have helped companies make sense of analytics so that anyone can quickly and confidently uncover the “Why?” behind their data. Thanks to Tableau Enterprise, we are able to tailor the solution based on your industry and company needs, such as Pharma Analytics, Distribution Analytics (sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing), Credit Management, Order Cost Analysis, P&L Analysis, and Cash Flow Analysis, and others. With this, we’ve created embedded analytics that result in sophisticated analysis.

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Bayer Italia

Bayer Italia discovers the benefits of Tableau BI for data analysis that is perfectly integrated into everyday workflows.

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