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Salesforce CRM continually evolves by releasing new technologies and offers a continuous innovation path for your company’s journey. Eliminate the fragmented mix of applications in your company and leverage Salesforce to bring order and simplicity to your system.

The power of innovation with Salesforce CRM

Here at Atlantic we fully understand the importance of customer relationship management, for your company and your industry. 

Many business leaders see Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as crucial to their marketing, sales, and customer service teams’ success. Still, regrettably, those teams are often operating in silos. Companies often underestimate the importance of a system and how that could impact on their people and internal organisation efficiency. 

The Salesforce ecosystem evolves with new technologies and new features 3 times a year, companies that are not led by a continuous innovation path can’t take the best out of their investment. Here at Atlantic we have in-depth  experience in several industries and especially in manufacturing.  We understand the complex international sales organisations, we know how to manage the coexistence of direct and indirect sales models, and how to approach a Sales organisation composed of different branches around the world.

In our agile approach, we integrate the best practices provided by the CRM # 1 solution with our experience acquired with many other companies that have already followed this path successfully. With more than 15 years of Salesforce CRM experience, we can assure that all our customers are getting the most out of their Salesforce CRM investment.

In numbers

  • 700+

    Salesforce CRM successfully delivered projects

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    Satisfied customers

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    Specialised Salesforce CRM Consultants


With over 25 years of experience, 1,000+ projects concluded on time and on-budget and 100+ satisfied customers, we position ourselves as your ideal Salesforce CRM partner

Improve and integrate all your business activities like never before

Atlantic people are Salesforce experts, process gurus, and consultants with deep expertise in implementing and transforming businesses, no matter what sector. We work alongside our customers to take advantage of the innovative implementations that Salesforce CRM offers in Digital, Mobile, Cloud, Social, Data Science and Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. 

We support customers in simplifying IT’s landscape, leveraging Salesforce ecosystem capabilities and increasing flexibility and scalability of the system architecture, maximising its ease of maintenance and evolution.

Our team listens to your needs and understands them in depth, knows in detail the dynamics, the overall process of your market thanks to experience we gained in over 25 years of business. 

Atlantic Technologies is distinguished for its dynamism and strong spirit of collaboration to achieve customer excellence. Change and innovation are processes, and we will be by your side every step of the way. In the development of each Salesforce CRM project, we adopt a Client-Centric approach and support you at every stage of the digital transformation process and path to innovation.

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