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HCM Cloud is a one-of-a-kind technology for the Human Resource Industry. A single platform that uses the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to meet today’s challenges and increase the agility and efficiency of HR processes.

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By combining our expertise with the potential of the Oracle HCM platform, we optimise time and costs and guide you towards a sustainable digital transformation.

Our solution enhances global HR in the following areas:

  • recruiting: select, hire and engage the best talent and speed up processes. Engage employees early with a personalised candidate experience, thanks to Oracle’s chatbot;
  • payroll, workforce compensation and benefits: increase the efficiency of compensation processes, centralise payroll information and oversee costs, ensure global compliance and improve data accuracy. Align salaries with business goals and share information with employees;
  • automate performance management: align individual and team goals to the organisation’s strategies in real-time. This encourages a transparent exchange between employees and managers;
  • career development, talent review and succession planning: identify employee career opportunities and maintain a growth plan that aligns with business goals;
  • workforce predictions & best-fit analysis: ensure employee motivation and satisfaction. Analyze the growth and development trends of talents. Minimise any risks by anticipating gaps;
  • work-life solutions: help employees find the right work life balance and ensure their greater engagement and productivity;
  • increase employee engagement with skill-tailored training and career paths. Leverage built-in intelligence to deliver targeted learning and track each employee’s training.
Meet our HCM Cloud experts
  • Simone Caslini

    Simone Caslini ERP Resource Manager

  • Massimo Pignolo

    Massimo Pignolo ERP Solutions Manager/Specialist

  • Lorenzo Ancona

    Lorenzo Ancona VP ERP Cloud Solutions

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