Client: Biesse
Year: 2013-2019

Since 2013, Biesse has chosen Salesforce and Atlantic Technologies to optimize sales and service processes in the manufacturing industry.

From Customer Care to Customer Satisfaction




Who is Biesse

Biesse Group is an international leader in technology for processing glass, wood, stone, composite, and metals. Since 1969, it has designed, manufactured and marketed a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors, and wood building component manufacturers.


In recent years, it has also been active in the plastic processing machinery sector, developing ad-hoc solutions for a growing market. Headquarters in Italy, their 4,200+ employees are dispersed among 39 branches worldwide.


Biesse and Salesforce for Manufacturing: Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning

”We want to give value to our customer’s requests and obtain their utmost trust. How are we doing this? With Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service.”

Stefano Calestani, Innovation Director | Biesse Group

With over 1,000 resources dedicated to aftersales, of which 700 are technicians in the field, the company relies on Atlantic Technologies and Salesforce to meet the need for a single integrated solution that is capable of guaranteeing the connectivity of our customers, technicians, and machinery. We have full intervention visibility with a knowledge based solution that supports diagnostics.

“Thanks to the Salesforce Field Service Solution, we have made a big jump forward in the area of customer assistance.”

Valerio Verzolini, Tech Support Manager | Biesse Group

With a single tool, Biesse has made resource planning easier and more immediate and increased the operational efficiency of technicians in the field.
Atlantic Technologies and Biesse developed the first and largest Field Service Lightning project in Italy. The project went live in just 7 months and we connected over 800 users on the Salesforce platform.

“For Biesse, the Service Cloud & Field Service implementation with Atlantic was our most successful project in the past 10 years.”

Giovanni Bellucci, CIO | Biesse Group

In addition to having a customer oriented perspective and providing a 360 degree, real time view of the relationship, the solution on Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning allows for easy management and activities related to planning, ticket opening, interventions, help desk interaction, and anticipating customer needs and calls.

We explored the adoption of Service Cloud during our Salesforce Ducati Day Manufacturing event where Giovanni Bellucci, CIO of Biesse explained how to make the service truly proactive. Access the content here.


Biesse and Salesforce for Manufacturing: Sales Cloud

The Atlantic Technologies consulting team helped the manufacturing leader adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud for its global workforce. Data is accessible to all employees in real time and the platform has strengthened internal collaboration, allowing employees to work easily and increase customer and partner loyalty.



Biesse is at the forefront of excellence in Digital Transformation both in Italy and around the globe. The company’s willingness to continue to innovate with the help of a partner who is constantly looking toward the future and cutting edge technology are the pillars to having an evolving Salesforce ecosystem. ately.