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There comes a time, where every business decision-maker has to think outside the box – to see opportunities where others see challenges.

Remote working is nothing new – before Covid-19, working from home and remote locations had grown 159% since 2005 globally. Global pandemic has simply sped up something that was already happening at a rapid pace.

Atlantic Technologies is a cloud provider and digital technology company with employees all over the world. In the last week we have implemented processes internally to keep connected, productive, and, most importantly, to keep spirits up. Using our own internal “smart working” implementations as a case study, this is how you can use cloud technology for a seamless transition into providing a remote service while keeping your company culture.

Cloud Transformation; The path to Smart Working through innovation 

Covid-19 is threatening the global economic crisis as widespread as the crisis it is causing to human health. Like many other companies, Atlantic Technologies have had to react quickly to ensure our employees and clients needs are being safely met. Now companies must think about how they can help, not only their employees but the world around them.

Our existing clients are already on the cloud, meaning most of them have systems in place for a seamless transition into remote working. Our aim is to prepare companies for a future where agile working and global mindset will be at the forefront of business growth. Our experience and our clients foresight to embrace, plan and prepare for these changes has prepared them for unforeseen economic challenges.

Whether or not your company has already embarked on the world of Digital Transformation – you are now being exposed to what the future of the working world will look like for your company, and how cloud-based strategy will support your evolving business.

The benefits of Digital Transformation for business processes and workplace agility

Reachability, accessibility, collaboration and communication, will dictate how your business operates. The Cloud has revolutionised internal and external operations, efficiency and productivity. Through careful Change Management, CRM, ERP, and Analytics can be accessed from anywhere through Cloud Software, without the need to install and save files and applications on a fixed device. For those of you dealing with daily challenges since updates to GDPR, even “delicate” activities, relating to payments or HR, can be managed by the Cloud, using a secure connection or VPN.

Here are some of the ways Cloud Software supports companies made up of branches around the country, the world, or employees in the field;

  • ERP: Internal back office
  • CRM: Communication among employees, projects and customers
  • EAM: Asset management 
  • Marketing: for content creation and market analysis
  • Field Service: operators for customer service and requests
  • HCM: HR can carry out their work remotely

Now you understand the opportunities, tools and the importance of strategy. The real success comes through enabling and empowering your employees through Change Management, training and tapping into your existing corporate culture.

eLearning, Smart Working and Remote Learning

For over 20 years, Atlantic Technologies has supported our customers across different industries through innovative projects that create more efficient and connected businesses. Recent weeks have not changed our customers needs, but have intensified existing needs and accelerate developing trends. We have been able to support clients who have had sudden need for eLearning solutions to train employees in emergency world safety procedures. We have set up eLearning, Smart Working and “Virtual Classrooms” through existing software. Through focusing on learning and personal development during times like these, employees are being motivated and feeling valued. Companies have been able to utilise software and implement training in a matter of days, that may sometimes have otherwise taken months to integrate into company culture.

#AtlanticPeople Adapting to Change

Atlantic Technologies UK was established a few years ago, with the support and company culture set-out by the Milan HQ who have remained forward-thinking since their inception in 1997, putting people first. Our Smart Working solutions have enabled employees to work from different parts of our office, from their home, from Milan & UK. 

With our Digital Workplace set up and ready to go, we were immediately ready to work at full capacity. From day one, our focus has been in helping our customers do the same whilst operating business as usual. This week we have set up a Smart Working competition for the #AtlanticPeople, who have been sending in selfies from home and showing life with pets, children, and partners. In many ways, it has left our global teams feeling more connected than ever. The photographs that receive the most likes from the employees on our internal platform will win. We would love to see your photos too.


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There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the way that people and businesses operate forever. In the midst of angst and change, we are here to support businesses and remind people that Atlantic Technologies, a provider of cloud, has a silver lining.

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