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Generative artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics of the moment, its application in the customer service in particular. Indeed more and more companies are exploring the opportunities provided by generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) in order to boost their Customer Service and Field Service.

But how can the use of artificial intelligence improve the productivity of agents and  customer relations? Let’s discover AI trends in Customer Service, the advantages it offers and how to use it.


Generative AI in Customer Service: what is it and what are the trends?

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Artificial Intelligence focused on editing new content, images, or even obtaining humanistic conversations. By using advanced automatic learning models, generative AI can understand and generate texts and images in a similar way to humans.

In Customer Service in particular, generative AI enables the generation of personalised automatic responses. It is like having a virtual assistant, who knows all there is to known about your customers and in a matter of seconds is able to produce an appropriate response, based on their needs. For customer service operators required to handle large volumes of cases, this can save huge amounts of time. From a study by Salesforce* it emerged that over 60% of service professionals believe generative AI will help them serve customers faster.

Many companies are already using AI for customer service. The percentage of decision-makers in service that declares using AI has increased by 88% since 2020**, from 24% to 45%.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of using generative AI in customer service and support.


What are the benefits of generative AI in customer service?

Companies achieve numerous advantages when they use AI in customer service. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Immediate and Personalised Responses: thanks to generative AI, companies can deliver a more efficient and personalised customer service. This means shorter waiting times and providing customers with target responses to their specific requests, which increases satisfaction and nurtures loyalty. In a recent Salesforce study, 72% of consumers affirmed they would remain loyal to companies capable of delivering a faster service***.
  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks: generative AI helps automate repetitive Customer Service and Field Service tasks, so that operators can focus on more added-value activities. In a study by Salesforce****, 79% of IT leaders affirmed generative AI will contribute towards lightening the team’s workload and reducing burnout.
  • Reduction of Human Errors: generative AI can significantly reduce the risk of human errors in Customer Service, ensuring greater precision and reliability.


But how can Generative Artificial Intelligence be used to improve your customer service?

Whether you provide your services at the office or on the field, here are four ways in which generative AI can support you in your work:

  • AI Assistant for Customer Support Teams: chatbots aren’t exactly new, however if you want a veritable conversational assistant by your side, then copilot is just what you need. Thanks to an artificial intelligence-based copilot, you can collect the most relevant information on customers in real time and obtain troubleshooting suggestions.
  • Response generation: generative artificial intelligence can help agents and customers obtain the responses they need, in a simpler and faster way. Through the extraction of relevant details from a Knowledge Base article, it can rapidly generate the response to a specific question.
  • Predictive Analysis: by analysing customer information, from contracts to purchasing history and customer support interactions, generative AI enables customer support teams to predict future requirements and suggest next best actions to take with customers. This significantly improves customer service, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Automatic editing of articles and case summaries: generative AI can generate a knowledge article and automated case summaries, saving time for service teams and field service.

First launched in 2016, Service Cloud Einstein is one of the most comprehensive solutions out there and now also provides generative potentialities on the entire platform.

Service Cloud Einstein by Salesforce boosts the productivity of agents by automating repetitive tasks. Moreover, thanks to Einstein Copilot, you can generate prompt responses and personalised information articles to improve your relationship with customers.

Einstein Copilot uses advanced linguistic models and Einstein Trust Layer to provide precise and comprehensible responses, based on your CRM and external data. All this in full compliance with data privacy and security regulations defined by European Legislation.

Atlantic Technologies, a Salesforce Partner, has been supporting companies in the evolution of their customer service for 26 years, helping them to boost their efficiency, develop more empathetic responses to requests from their customers, and to resolve cases faster.

Find out more on how our consultants can help boost your customer service. Request a demo.

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