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Healthcare and medical device companies have turned a corner reflected in every phase of their end-to-end journey. Whilst healthcare organisations have witnessed the effectiveness of digital business processes, patients have experienced the emotional relief associated with continued and timely ongoing communication from healthcare companies. Additionally, patients have come to expect a level of communication that can only be achieved through automation. This being said, let’s take a closer look at how Atlantic Technologies customers in the medical device industry have experienced extraordinary results in improving customer experience and loyalty with digital solutions.

We talk to two of our customers, Sentinel Diagnostics and The Bracco Group, about their experience working with Atlantic Technologies.

Sentinel Diagnostics examine their customer support and after-sales process

Sentinel Diagnostic is a company that specialises in the development and production of IVD reagents for the most advanced Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Biology platforms. It is among the top players in the industry of diagnostic medical devices. After a thorough examination of their customer journey, they worked with Atlantic Technologies to unveil a diagnosis of a need for improved customer support and a more effective after-sales process. Sentinel Diagnostics needed to track the processes in a way that is suited to healthcare regulations.

Salesforce and Atlantic Technologies provided the optimal solution to help Sentinel Diagnostics to reengineer their business process, allowing them to collect information in a structured way and use it to interact with the customer in a proactive and targeted manner. They wanted to contact the customer with information based on their actual needs and interests.

Atlantic Technologies supported us in developing a multi-cloud approach, we started with Service Cloud in order to manage customer post-sales requests. Then, we needed to strengthen the contact with the end-user, so Atlantic Technologies also suggested to implement Sales Cloud. This allowed us to be able to better track the opportunities. More recently, we have adopted Marketing Cloud. This has enabled us to build a tailor-made customer journey based on the needs and on the interests of the customer, in an automated way.

Maria Avelia De Lorenzis, Business Leader Molecular DX | Sentinel Diagnostics

The Bracco Group require digital process to support rapid growth

Bracco is an international Group active in the healthcare sector and a leader in diagnostic
imaging. They needed to automate the processes in order to support their business growth.

For The Bracco Group, Salesforce is also important for regulatory compliance. They must
record all interactions with the doctors that make up their customer base. Medical information
tracking records are inside the platform to also achieve regulatory obligations across several
different countries. All their customers’ interactions are collected from face-to-face to digital.
Bracco also manages the entire sales process.

When volumes become bigger, it is essential to move to a process of automation. For us, it is important to manage the entire lifecycle of the system – Medical Lifecycle Management, from the sale to the installation, its location must be traced for medical regulatory reasons, it is necessary to do preventive maintenance for the 30,000 devices at least once a year until the end of the device’s life.

Michele Vespasiani, Commercial Excellence Manager, Global Operational Marketing | Bracco

With the help of Salesforce, account managers can investigate the client information in real time from their mobile phone, as well as previous interactions, all within a single ecosystem.  Salesforce also allows us to make preventive maintenance forecasts and reduce the machine downtime.

Effective cross department collaboration and responsiveness to rapidly changing markets, regulations and customer relationship models can only be achieved by business process reengineering onto digital platforms. (Discover Medical Devices: CRM for patient care and relationship management)

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