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The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies to make more efficient the processes in the Medical Device Industry and to improve interaction with customers, doctors and patients.

CRM for medical devices allows real-time data, personalised interactions and seamless customer experience. Let’s take a look at some of the key challenges and opportunities in CRM for medical devices, patient care and relationship management in 2021.

Benefits of CRM for medical device companies

Alongside ever changing regulations – healthcare market speed and digital revolution are all adding increased pressure to the life sciences and healthcare industry, but by placing technology, and patient centricity at the heart of decision making, digitalisation turns these challenges into opportunities.

Data-driven customer experiences

The digitalisation of the healthcare and life sciences industry has led to a demand for patient centricity when it comes to sales and marketing.

The most innovative companies are orienting their business models towards a data-driven strategy that allows them to fully understand the patient, predict their needs and improve the customer experience.

A recent IDC survey, sponsored by Salesforce, highlights that “a single view of the data allows companies to increase the efficiency of clinical processes and improves the experience of both medical staff and patients”.

Salesforce CRM allows medical device companies to analyse patient data in real time and transform it into useful information to improve the service offered.
By leveraging intelligent marketing automation, it will be possible to send emails with relevant and engaging content and build customised customer journeys, based on the real needs and requirements of customers.
Building a visual representation of the bigger picture through Salesforce allows for fast and accurate best practices to be integrated into the customer journey as next steps.

Intelligent medical device sales

Thanks to centralised data management, sales teams can access all the information they need, in real time and on any device. The sales team has a clear view of the customer and patient journey, of their needs, and a comprehensive overview of the sales pipeline.

Relationships management through mobile patient care

Patient Relationship Management is at the centre of companies in the healthcare sector. Patients today are more informed and connected and expects instant communication, knowledge of their medical history and fast feedback . This requires specific CRM capabilities for the medical device industry.

With Salesforce Health Cloud you can get a 360-degree view of your patients. The Customer Care team can quickly see all open activities and cases, relevant patient data and offer proactive assistance thanks to intelligent advice.

Integrated artificial intelligence can connect medical records, therapeutic history, personalised treatment paths. The mobile functionality of the Salesforce Health Cloud allows teams to access information anytime, anywhere, engage connected patients, strengthen relationships and trust.

Your team will be able to collaborate in real time, communicate quickly with doctors, view data dashboards from anywhere in the world, ensure constant and timely support to each patient.

Through CRM for medical device companies, businesses can keep up with increased expectations for speed and and be compliant with stringent industry regulations , without sacrificing patient care.

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