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Business Training: Digital Learning and Social Learning, a new approach for the HR Manager

Business training is strategic for business competitiveness and professional growth. From Digital Learning to Social Learning, HR managers tasks should aim to improve employee’s skills and professional growth. Additionally, they need to maintain high employee involvement thus increasing employee retention. Let’s look at ways to better plan a Learning and Development (L&D) strategy and implementation, thanks to the technological innovation of Oracle Cloud HCM, new ways of learning.

Business Training: Digital Learning Approach

Digital Transformation processes in a company have profoundly changed our working habits and ambitions. Business benefits, flexibility and Smart Working are no longer enough, instead employees require solid training opportunities and a flexible and customizable career path. To meet these needs, Human Resources Managers turn to Digital Learning platforms, thus allowing the company to attract and retain the best talents and remain strong in the market.

Research by the HR Observatory of the Politecnico of Milano – HR Innovation Practice 2019 – shows that investments in digital technologies are increasing in more than one HR office out of two and are mainly concentrated in training and skills development (62%) and in the personnel search and selection (52%).
Companies are therefore aware of the advantages of technology in eLearning programs and innovative employee training approaches. Let’s look at the impact of Digital Learning for new learning strategies such as Social Learning.

Social Learning and Digital Learning, Integration that makes a difference

Social Learning stems from a theory by the psychologist Albert Bandura and highlights the effectiveness of shared learning based on the interaction of members in a social context.
This type of collective learning is becoming increasingly popular within companies because it allows for a more productive and engaging exchange of information. In fact, taking advantage of existing skills in the company and making the social context digital, Social Learning integrates with Digital Learning and allows you to:

  • Share ideas and knowledge already present in the company and bring out new energy and new thoughts.
  • Improve learning thanks to the direct experience of colleagues who use their skills in everyday work.
  • Encourage the development of Peer Review (peer evaluation) and Peer Mentoring (relationship between employees with different experience levels).
  • Increase motivation and a sense of belonging.

The best technology on the market for developing a digital social learning strategy is definitely Oracle Cloud HCM. The Oracle Learning module offers collaborative and continuous learning that favors Learning Agility and remote training that can be used on the move, from any device and at any time. The tool allows the creation of customizable training courses and the monitoring of each employee’s activities and involvement. Here are some features of the platform.

Learning Community

In Oracle HCM Cloud, employees can follow the profiles of colleagues and mentors in the company and stay updated on their shares. It’s possible to interact with valuable content, recommend videos or tutorials, like and comment. In this way, Learning Communities are created capable of exploiting their skills to solve daily business challenges. They are also extremely useful tools in the Onboarding Phase to introduce the new employee and encourage his socialization.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning is a highly personalized business training method: Through recommendation algorithms, Oracle Cloud provides for the automatic assignment of content based on professional profiles, its employee preferences in terms of content format, the activities he is carrying out , and the goals he must achieve.

Reporting & Data Strategy for Corporate Training

Thanks to Oracle Cloud HCM, the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) has the ability to create reports and dashboards in real time, track the progress and involvement of any resource, take corrective actions and therefore reduce the risk of abandonment. In addition, it’s possible to accurately measure the effectiveness of the training program and its impact on the business.



Oracle Cloud HCM, with its Oracle Learning module for business training, is a tool that contributes significantly to business growth. The advantages of the solution involve different personnel in the company. Employees are more satisfied and productive, their professional growth accelerates and it’s easier for them to become a brand ambassador for the organization. HR Managers ensure motivation and Employee Retention, contributing to the growth and success of the company.
Oracle HCM Learning Cloud allows you to align your business strategy with your individual goals through comprehensive, stimulating and engaging learning. The solution also integrates natively with other Oracle Cloud technologies and complies with HR legislation.

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