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The HR Manager in the Innovation Process: From Recruiting to Performance Management

Today’s HR Manager has a fundamental role in promoting innovation within a company, starting from the back office to frontline communication and activities. There are four macro areas in which the HR Manager must intervene to guide innovation:

Recruiting | Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence and Pre-screening 
Onboarding | Best practices and technological innovation
Learning | Training
Goal and Performance Management

For many companies, the HR department has managed its activities through a myriad of different software that haven’t been possible to integrate. A recent trend, however, sees the migration of these systems into a single solution with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. One of the most complete solutions on the market is Oracle HCM Cloud designed to cover all processes, from hiring to retirement.

In the following article we’ll look at 4 areas of intervention for the management of human resources in the 4.0 era, highlighting some features of Oracle Cloud HCM which allow you to automate and speed up the work on the HR teams.

How innovation in the Recruiting process has evolved

In the area of Personnel selection, innovation has been active since early 2000. These were the years in which traditional means of searching for Personnel had been replaced by Recruiting 2.0, using online advertisements and single click applications. Millennials in the work world have seen the advent of Social Recruiting and Personal Branding, crediting LinkedIn specifically.
And today? The trend that has emerged in recent years has a deeper level of significance and a dual objective:

  • Offer an impeccable experience to the candidate that reflects the company and its ethos.
  • Make the work of HR teams more efficient, automating bureaucratic operations and therefore leaving resources more time to focus on value-added activities.

The Oracle HCM Cloud solutions for Recruiting are Chatbots and Pre-screening Questionnaires.

Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence support the HR Manager

As users of technology, we expect productivity anywhere and all the time and we demand precise and immediate answers. This behavior also has obvious repercussions and the HR department is no exception, especially when it comes to keeping the recruiting process fluid and giving candidates immediate answers.

Chatbot Recruiting Oracle HCM Cloud

Then Oracle Cloud HCM Chatbot is a smart software tool that helps the HR manager screen candidates at the beginning stages. It simulates a human conversation and provides answers to candidates 24/7 with mobile and voice typing features. The solution responds promptly to candidates’ requests and automates the work of the HR department, asking questions that help direct the user to relevant job offers.

Additionally, the Oracle Chatbot also helps with internal company tasks, for example the management of permits and holidays, helping to reduce the workload of the HR manager.
There are 2 types of Chatbots:

  • Declarative Chatbots: these are programs that are dedicated to a single function. They primarily use Natural Language Processing rules that are automated and give conversational responses to the users. They answer common questions like timetables, work days and provide documents.
  • Predictive Chatbots: These are referred to as Virtual Assistants or Digital Assistants and they are integrated with Artificial Intelligence. They use reference context and NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to learn and offer a personalized experience. They use predictive analysis and data analysis for a more personalized conversation.

Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Oracle Digital Assistant are examples of Data-based Predictive Chatbots. Oracle’s Digital Assistant also allows you to connect several disposable Chatbots under a single group, extract from this information, process it and ensure greater operational efficiency.

Speed ​​up the selection of candidates through Pre-Screening Questionnaires

With the aim of streamlining and speeding up the recruitment process for the HR team, Oracle HCM offers a Pre-Screening functionality through the use of Questionnaires. These are questions that are submitted to the candidate during the application process, both for internal and external applications.
Two types of questions are considered:

  • Disqualification questions that offer the minimum requirements for a candidate to advance in the selection process (eg “Do you have the right to work in a given location?”, “Do you have a certain certification?”, etc.).
  • Preliminary questions that are aimed at getting to know the candidates’ career goals, job preferences and knowledge. (eg “What is your knowledge level of HTML?”).

When creating new job offers, Pre-Screening questions are automatically added based on the context of use. In addition, Preliminary questions can be entered manually.
Based on the answers provided by all candidates, those that are qualified, proceed further into the selection process and those that are disqualified, are automatically rejected.

In general, the approach of companies has changed greatly compared to the past and all efforts today are aimed at ensuring an impeccable experience through innovative technologies. Candidates and Recruiters, are all users and as such, they expect a mobile approach using virtual assistants, fast processes and immediate feedback. The Oracle model responds to each of these expectations because it puts the user, whether it’s the candidate, employee, or company at the center of each strategy.

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