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Tableau Software

The best platform for data analysis and visualization

Tableau optimizes the process of analyzing and understanding the many data produced by your company by creating dashboards and interactive representations.
An innovative and creative tool that allows you to create a variety of data visualizations thanks to the combination of colors, dimensions, symbols and labels.
The relationship between the quality of results and ease of use is the key to Tableau’s success. The intuitive data visualization interface, supported by drag and drop technology, allows you to effectively and comprehensively compare various process and market variables.

With Tableau Software you can:

  • Implement a complete and effective process in a few steps
  • Combine different sources of data natively and live (eg Salesforce and SAP)
  • Create custom metadata for your business needs
  • Interact timely with data, editing and updating dashboards
  • Download in a few seconds large amounts of information for off-line analysis
  • Access all information from any fixed and mobile device
  • Take advantage of the GPS utility associated with Mobile Tableau features
  • Start with a small project with full potential and then extend the solution to the needs of the company.

The solution responds to various activities including:

  • Managing and Viewing of Big Data
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Optimize the Extraction, Transformation and Data Load (ETL)