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Thanks to Atlantic Technologies, the Group has embraced innovation at 360 degrees, increasing efficiency in all business areas.

Since 2010, Atlantic Technologies has been the technological partner of TCC. The company relies on Atlantic Technologies for its experience in managing international projects, competencies on Oracle and Salesforce solutions and Big Data Analytics.

Loyalty Marketing to increase customer engagement and automate core processes

​TCC wanted to strengthen the relationship with its customers. The main objective of the Group was to offer more personalized digital services to the customers. As for Analytics, the primary requirement was to analyze large volumes of data in a very short time with the aim of deepening consumer knowledge. The company also felt the need to implement a flexible platform capable of supporting the Group’s growth.


“Atlantic and Tableau allowed us to transform data analysis, to work in a predictive and proactive way, to effectively plan marketing strategies and improve the sales performance of our customers.”

Marilena Viotto, Group Forecast Director | TCC Global

“Thanks to Atlantic Technologies’ consultants we’ve developed a technological platform integrated with ERP, CRM, BI systems. In addition, we have also developed web portals and mobile apps to enhance customer engagement. Atlantic and Oracle allowed us to make finance and distribution processes more fluid and effective.”

Luca Cirillo
Finance & Administration Director | TCC Global

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