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Tableau BI team member

Welcome to the best platform  for data analysis and visualisation. With Tableau Software the server can:

  • implement a complete and effective process in a few steps;
  • combine different sources of data natively and live (eg Salesforce and SAP);
  • create custom metadata for your business needs;
  • interact timely with data server, editing and updating dashboards;
  • download in a few seconds large amounts of information for off-line analysis;
  • access all information from any fixed and mobile device;
  • take advantage of the GPS utility associated with Mobile Tableau Enterprise BI features;
  • start with a small project with full potential and then extend the solution to the needs of the company.
Meet our Tableau Enterprise BI: Analytics & Cognitive BI experts
  • andrea rossi analytics

    Andrea Rossi Analytics Specialist Consultant

  • Davide Allievi

    Davide Allievi Analytics Senior Specialist

  • ben tym atlantic technologies

    Ben Tym Project Manager, UK