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Salesforce CRM Solution

The Customer Success Platform in Cloud

Thanks to its flexible and easily customizable structure, Salesforce offers innovative and specific solutions for each and every business and industry. The CRM is composed of several clouds, the most well-known of which are:

  • Sales 
    Increases sales, collaboration, and productivity of sales teams
  • Service 
    Provides customised, 24/7 customer service in real time and increases customer satisfaction
  • Marketing 
    Tracks client paths, communicate the right messages at the right time, and provides customisable experiences
  • Community 
    Interacts with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and distributors in real time
  • App 
    Creates applications quickly for customers, users, and partners
  • Wave Analytics
    Analyses any data type on all devices with the Business Analytics solution
  • IoT Cloud
    Transforms information into action
  • Commerce 
    Provides customers with unique shopping experiences