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Our BI Service

Drive your business with the right Decisions!

For our BI services and BI projects, Atlantic Technologies uses the market leading technologies and our expertise to provide proprietary solutions tailored to your needs and to ensure that your business is operating efficiently.
Our solutions help accelerate and optimize a company’s decision-making process in various industries. We help companies identify where to start expanding the perimeter of analysis and adapt it to other business contexts.
Thanks to our 20 years of experience in BI services, we are able to follow the best practices required to get an application:

  • Easy: Analyze data with intuitive drag & drop products. No programming, just insight.
  • Fast: Connect and visualize your data in minutes.
  • Smart: Combine multiple views of Data for Rich Insight.

Atlantic Technologies provides a specific application maintenance management software application called Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) that keeps the application up-to-date and running properly, following a previously agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Change Management

We have developed a structured and specific Change Management methodology for ongoing innovation projects and to support the delicate adoption phase of systems already in use as well.