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High Tech is constantly evolving. At the same time disruption and change in today’s business landscape mean customer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever. High-Technology companies will need to innovate smarter and bring new offerings to market more quickly, to meet evolving customer expectations, whether they operate in a B2C or B2B context.

Companies are embracing new ways of connecting with them to deliver an overall experience through connected and longer lasting relationships. A CRM can be used to reinvent customer experience and increase loyalty. Let’s look at how high tech companies can create a customer centric company that is agile for business growth.

Using Technology to achieve Customer centricity in High Tech

The concept of customer-centricity is not new. However, in high tech, it is now a critical success factor. Years ago, those who were first to market with innovative new products and technologies, got the customer’s attention and increased brand loyalty before competitors arose. Today, that is no longer the case. The expectations and demands of customers have increased dramatically, those who proactively respond to customer demands and offer ongoing experiences stand as industry leaders. But customer-centricity needs organisation wide connections, companies should embrace customer-centric culture across the whole enterprise. Salesforce gives high tech companies the technology to merge automation and integration and to bring the company and customers together.

Based on the experience of our customers such as Mimecast, Go Compare, BitDefender, Econsult, CPA global, here are our recommendations to provide an outstanding customer experience (CX).

Revamp marketing and sales strategy to offer personalised customer experiences

Tech companies’ sales and marketing teams need to adopt a CRM solution that allows them to identify and reach the potential customers at the right time. They can create multiple customer segments and send targeted communications throughout their customer journey. Visual data presented from a single source of truth will help marketers in the high-tech industry to warm-up leads for the sales team.
They can see data patterns that can be used to provide key metrics for:

  • Who the audience is
  • Where the audience spends time online
  • How and when they interact with the company
  • Which marketing initiatives resonate with the customers, and which do not

These insights can be used to develop personalised offerings and engaging experiences that meet unique customer needs. Salesforce offers a single view of every customer from first contact to acquisition and helps organise customer data so that marketing and sales teams can be aligned and more efficient with their customer interactions.

Streamline customer service

Customer and employee satisfaction are both key deliverables for the high tech organisations that we work with. The Salesforce Service Cloud offers the teams a single view of all customer service cases from across channels on one platform. This allows teams to build and share a knowledge base that contains customer case and purchasing history, thus finding answers quickly and servicing customers more accurately.

Automate workflows to deliver consistent CX

High Tech companies use the Salesforce platform to effectively automate key business functions in order to make real time data driven decisions and optimise customer experiences. Thanks to Salesforce, they are able to:

• Use intelligent automation workflows to better handle higher data volumes
• Increase visibility into rapidly evolving customer expectations and demands
• Embracing data-driven decision making to underpin customer understanding
• Using AI and ML to drive more agile and responsive processes and responses

This automation gives detailed profiles of the customer and helps to track recurring sales, increase the level and quality of customer service, and utilise marketing tools that lead to scoring, reporting and personalised templates.


Integrate processes

Having an agile CRM system in place allows companies to integrate processes from the acquisitions and to combine all external knowledge into one platform, thus seeing improvements and efficiencies of internal knowledge. Many of Atlantic’s high tech clients have gone through acquisitions and we’ve had to organise and integrate all the information from multiple systems into one coherent system that includes business process harmonisation across markets and a single view of customer data. This has allowed our clients to focus their attention on cross selling across the company portfolio of products and services.

In addition, technology provides global opportunities that allow high tech companies to break into new markets before competitors. CRM will help to provide accurate information about businesses and their customers to support informed decision-making, helping to counteract the uncertainty of a global economy.

High-Technology companies entering into new territories will be able to understand which locations their business is most effective, and the countries that require adaptation for increased traction.

Atlantic People, keeping High Tech companies ahead of the curve

Atlantic Technologies specialises in helping these companies transform so that they can stay ahead of their competitors and ahead of the curve.

“As experts in consulting our high tech companies, we have worked alongside clients such as CPA Global and Mimecast to create processes for their high tech, intangible solutions. Just because a company starts off high tech does not mean that it remains that way, it’s necessary to exploit new technologies for the benefit of high tech companies. With rapid innovations in technology, businesses require experience and expertise to future proof their business. CRM systems are required to help these businesses to remain agile.” – Ben Tym, Atlantic Technologies Project Manager, expert in the High tech sector.

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