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E-commerce | Best practice for personalized Offer in Online Shopping

There are many advantages of a CRM like Salesforce for e-commerce. There is certainly the possibility of maximizing sales thanks to the personalization of the shopping experience. Let’s find out what the best practices are and how to implement an effective recommendation strategy.

1. Choose a solution that supports you best

Without a doubt, it is essential to have a solution that allows you to better manage a long-term and continuous relationship with a customer. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is what allows you to gather key information on the client’s history and behavior, and makes use of Artificial Intelligence tools to enable these process.

Salesforce is the number one CRM in the world and its clouds, such as Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, which are powered by Artificial Intelligence Einstein, are the best in the market.

2. Come up with a manageable strategy to personalize the offer

Begin with one product only and configure an implementation strategy. That way, you can add new products after evaluating which strategies are effective and which ones are not. Artificial Intelligence must be configured over time.

3. Make website searches more powerful

Make the search bar on the website fixed so that the customer can have it on hand as they’re browsing your site. In fact, Artificial Intelligence can collect data from each interaction with your site, allowing you to effectively customize customer offers. By using this information, you can achieve remarkable results not only by proposing cross-selling of other products but also by providing predictive content and targeted product suggestions to each user.

4. Artificial Intelligence facilitates tactical execution

Allow Artificial Intelligence to make tactical decisions for you as you focus on other tasks! This will allow you to concentrate on strategic decisions and on any problems that require human intervention. For example, by leaving AI to take care of product recommendations, the team will be more efficient and customers will have better more personalized shopping experiences.

5. Test and optimize purchase suggestions in Online Shopping

It’s always necessary to determine the best way to make use of AI on your website so that you can best customize your offerings. Keep an eye on the evaluation results so that you can devise an action plan. Be open to changing the plan as time passes, though: gradually identify its strengths and evaluate where it requires improvement.

6. Use accurate data

It’s important to start with accurate data. If the data is clean and organized, the Artificial Intelligence solution that you choose will work more efficiently and customize the offer right from the beginning, guaranteeing effective sales results.

7. Consider new channels to convey purchase suggestions

Once the customization of the product page has been optimized, you can use other means to offer purchase suggestions. For example, you can further re-work the home page or the category pages. You can also extend your communication with your customers to channels such as email and social media. The objective is to increase your users’ knowledge and awareness of your brand and product, which will result in more sales and an unforgettable customer journey.

[Source: Salesforce “Customization in shopping”]

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