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Marketing Cloud Einstein: Artificial Intelligence improve Customer Loyalty

Marketing Cloud Einstein is the Salesforce solution of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, and is dedicated to your company’s marketing activities. This tool marks a decisive turning point in the optimisation of customer engagement and user retention.


What Can It Do?

Within Salesforce, Einstein for Marketing Cloud allows you to intervene in customer journeys, using predictive logic. It optimises marketing campaigns and customer relationships, thus enhancing the entire cycle.

Much like the majority of platforms within Salesforce, Einstein draws on various data sources, such as past and real-time user behaviour on internal platforms, social media, and mobile applications, automating the following processes:

  • Clustering the audience
  • Determining which content, products, and offers are most relevant
  • Anticipating customer behaviour and identifying the right action to propose
  • Providing targeted recommendations at the right time
  • Producing an impactful message

These processes are based on the predictive logic of user behaviour, and are ideal for driving your business towards digital transformation. Consulting Einstein about the above information not only increases efficiency but also allows you to establish a highly personalised relationship with your CRM.


How Does It Work?

Marketing Cloud Einstein provides tools to enable a perfect predictive analysis of the target, time to market, and of the methodology behind all of your promotional activities.

Predictive Scoring

This function assigns a score to a user, which based on the probability that he/she performs a specific action at a specific moment (e.g. opening an email, unsubscribing from a mailing list, web conversions). It’s especially useful for reducing the opt-out rate of campaigns.

Predictive Audience

This feature builds audience segments that show similar probabilities to perform the same actions at a given time of day. It’s particularly helpful for planning effective actions and for finding new customers with look-a-like campaigns.

Automated Send-Time Optimization

If you’d like to send the right communication at the right time, this function is the answer. What’s more, it performs this action for you automatically when the target audience is prepared to be involved in the campaign.

Predictive Vision

This feature recognizes products and logos from images, even if their name is not mentioned. If you’d like to enrich data and give targeted recommendations, this is your go-to tool.

Sentiment Management

During your business’ digital transformation, consulting your audience about their feelings towards the company and its branding is key. Luckily, Marketing Cloud Einstein automatically does this for you by conducting a semantic, real-time analysis of social media content.


In summary, time to market optimisation, identifying the perfect target, and creating highly personalised routes are the key features of Einstein Marketing Cloud. What’s more, this innovative platform automatically performs all of these actions, significantly facilitating your journey with Salesforce. Einstein for the win!

Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify are just a few of the companies that have revolutionised their business with Salesforce Einstein. The benefits of data science are now within everyone’s reach, making it imperative that all companies begin their digital transformation. Consulting your team – and our certified professionals at Atlantic Technologies – on how to take a step towards digitalisation has never been more important!

Intelligence is being built into everything that we are doing. We have to be more productive than ever.

Marc Beinoff, CEO Salesforce


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