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We guide your business into Digital Transformation

Atlantic Technologies provides the expertise and passion for every CRM project and we support our customers at every stage of the digital transformation process and path to innovation.

For more than 20 years, we have been offering our customers the best technology in the market. We deliver our clients the maximum in a proposed solution and ensure a competitive advantage. In 2005, we foresaw and identified Salesforce CRM as the leader in driving and inspiring Digital Transformation. This intuition is confirmed by the Cloud, Social, Mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence paradigms that Salesforce offers. They have become the drivers of the global economy.

In addition to offering you the best cloud solution in the market, Atlantic Technologies also develops ad hoc and Customer Centric strategies and we follow you throughout the innovation and adoption process.

We have a Digital and Customer Centric approach for your Business

Today, more than ever, customers and consumers around the world require immediate, personalized and fast response. Businesses need to activate digital channels and new tools to acquire and retain a customer base and increase sales. Atlantic Technologies helps you discover these new opportunities in the digital world, maximizing the benefits of an ever-connected market. We offer a wide range of digital services and technologies for a Customer Journey omnichannel and specific advice in social media, customer engagement, and digital marketing.

We provide our customers:

  • CRM Advisory: Consultancy based on profound knowledge of your business! We collaborate with our customer and provide solutions and adoptions that best suit the specific industry, technological and organizational challenges of the company.
  • Implementation and Adoption: Effective design approach and support in adopting the solution in multinational and organizational contexts.
  • Scalability and Integration: Maximize Salesforce’s value by adapting the solution to your business needs.
  • Change Management: Resources and methodologies dedicated to managing the organizational and cultural change inherent in the project by operating on communication, engagement, and training.
  • Continuous improvement: We support organizational flexibility and systems to market needs through our governance service that helps customers evolve the solution successfully over the years.

New ideas and innovative approaches through our ongoing research and prototyping on new business and IT models: