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Data intelligence refers to all analytical tools and methods employed to form a better understanding of the informations collect to improve services. It focuses on analysis and interaction with information in a meaningful way to promote better decision-making in the future.

By applying these methodologies to the data and information present in the company, it is possible to support global business initiatives much more effectively, answering several questions:

Unlike Business Intelligence which focuses more on organizing data and presenting, Data Intelligence is more concerned with the analysis of information. To achieve this objective, Data Scientists focus on five elements:
– Descriptive
– Prescriptive
– Diagnostic
– Decisive
– Predictive

These elements focus on understanding data, uncovering alternative explanations, resolving issues, and identifying future trends to improve decisions. By providing a means of analyzing trends, patterns, and specific shifts within particular segments of information, Data Intelligence services boast a viable way of crafting your business processes and marketing strategies to improve lead generation while understanding your target consumers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

The goal of this kind of analysis is to make the information easily usable by companies, useful for making informed decisions and improving business processes.

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