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The term Cyber ​​Security refers to a set of practices, measures, and technologies that are fundamental for the prevention of attacks against the IT systems of organizations such as companies, entities, institutions or, even, private subjects. Attacks can strike from outside or from within the organization with the aim of harming the computer security of computers, telecommunications networks, mobile devices, software, information databases, and data in digital format.

Other terms to indicate the concept of Cyber ​​Security are Information Security, IT Security, and ICT Security.

The NISIT (National Institute for Standards and Technologies) of the United States, distinguishes the term Cyber ​​Security from the different “Cybersecurity” by highlighting the meaning of the latter on the issue of protecting cyberspace from cyber attacks.

The common factor in these terms is the security of data, networks, and IT devices from external or internal attacks. The concept of Information or Cyber ​​Safety is quite different, with which we refer to the set of actions, practices, and technologies aimed at avoiding the occurrence of accidents and IT failures.

To summarise the concepts:
Attack protection: Cyber Security
Accident protection: Cyber Safety

The dynamics of Cyber ​​Security and Safety, although different, are both essential in the context of digital transformation.

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