DB Group

Client: DB Group
Year: 2017

DB Group chooses Salesforce and Change Management with Atlantic for the digital transformation in the logistics industry.

Who is DB Group

Our client DB Group, an international shipping company, has chosen Salesforce to revolutionize their logistics and transport operations, thereby streamlining their business with the best solution on the market. During the implementation, the change management approach was essential in minimizing the impact of changes in the company. Thanks to Atlantic Technologies’ team of experienced consultants, the Company was able to adopt Salesforce throughout 2017.

DB Group change management approach logo

Salesforce for the Logistics Industry

Our client’s main objective for this project was to make the commercial processes of the logistics and shipping company more homogeneous and effective. As a result, DB Group was interested in a solution that would help support and streamline its sales team. As the company consists of 42 branches worldwide, the project took on an international edge, requiring Salesforce implementation at different company levels.


The Best Solution: CRM and Change Management approach

Thanks to over 20 years of experience with CRM projects and the flexibility of the Salesforce solution, the choice was a winning step for our client. Furthermore, change management has made the adoption of the Salesforce platform immediate and accessible at all levels, resulting in enthusiasm and employee involvement across the whole company.
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“The advantages of change management meetings with Atlantic Technologies have been so great that we’ve decided to replicate the Change Management process for many of our other projects.”

Silvia Moretto, Chief Executive Officer | DB group