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DB Group

Since 1980, DB Group has become a leading company in international logistic and shipping services. With over 600 employees and 48 branch offices that span from their HQ in Italy to the USA and China, the group’s acquisitions and growth have put the company on a digital transformation path, using the Salesforce CRM platform.


The Project 

In 2017 DB Group requested Atlantic’s expertise in the implementation of Salesforce CRM. They needed to streamline both the company’s everyday operations and keep up with the growth of the company. It was imperative to integrate and simplify their logistical processes and unify internal communication on an international level, particularly with
the sales and service teams. Then, a Change Management strategy was defined and implemented so that all stakeholders were on board and maximising the use of the platform.


The Outcome

Atlantic Technologies identified DB Groups’ needs and expectations and created a project comprising of more than 4 distinctive phases to date. We’ve helped them to revolutionize a fully integrated and efficient CRM platform for the entire company.

Sales Cloud has connected the international sales team, helping them to manage accounts and activity, KPIs, and smart visits, whilst the Service Cloud has connected the company’s service team to customer requests in real time. Pardot was implemented in the last phase and is being used for marketing and external communication.

Overall, DB Group has benefited and embraced the digital transformation, thanks to Atlantic’s expertise in the transport industry. As a special note, DB Group was so impressed with the change management methodology, they have emulated this for future projects in the group.

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“The advantages of change management meetings with Atlantic Technologies have been so great that we’ve decided to replicate the Change Management process for many of our other projects.”

Silvia Moretto
Chief Executive Officer | DB group

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