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Tableau CRM is here! Integrating Tableau Software and Salesforce Einstein Analytics

The latest offering from Tableau Software is Tableau CRM, easily integrated to Tableau’s own analytics and Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics. The novelty was announced recently at the virtual Conference-ish October 7-9, 2020 for Europe.

Let’s dive into what this integration means between the two leading Analytics and CRM solutions.

What is Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM will be the latest in Salesforce’s new solutions that will integrate Tableau with the world’s number 1 CRM platform. The new offering will provide an integrated analysis and Artificial Intelligence experience within the Salesforce workflow. Einstein’s AI and Machine Learning features will therefore be integrated to the Tableau platform with the aim of making Data Analytics in a company more Democratic.

The Tableau Software marketplace is considered self-service analytics behind the known Modern BI. Einstein Analytics, on the other hand, is a native tool that has been incorporated into the Salesforce CRM platform that was designed to provide advice and predict results. What will arise from the integration of these two solutions?

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau, says the product teams on both sides have been working together since the beginning of this year to unify the roadmaps and create new integrations. It starts with Einstein Discovery in Tableau which is expected to launch in early 2021. This will be the first release of the integration and will allow users to identify relevant analytic models based on their data sets, enabling predictive analytics and recommendations.

Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery, the Democratization of Data Analytics

Einstein Discovery is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform for Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis.
Without having to resort to the support of Data Scientists and programmers, Einstein Discovery aims to identify relevant models from the analysis of Big Data in the company. It can, for example, be used to find out how to maximize profits or minimize costs. The interaction of the tool with the wide range of Tableau Software products will allow companies to apply Predictive Analysis and recover insights in real time not only in the Salesforce Ecosystem, but also in other Enterprise solutions such as ERP dedicated connectors.

Since Tableau has contributed to the democratization of analytics through self-servicce BI capabilities, then Einstein Discovery will make Data Analytics accessible to the entire company, initiating and consolidating the dissemination of the Data Culture in organizations.

“We’re working together in an integrated fashion to make analytics more powerful. These capabilities will work more seamlessly together so we can innovate faster. The end of the day all that matters is that we can help customers. Salesforce is accelerating the Tableau mission.”

Adam Selipsky, CEO | Tableau Software

The 2021 Roadmap of Tableau Software

Salesforce acquired Tableau for $15.7 billion in June 2019, the largest acquisition in Salesforce in history. Salesforce revenues in the second quarter increased 66%, and Tableau contributed to 41% of this growth.

“Negli ultimi otto o nove mesi di Covid-19, il processo di trasformazione digitale è stato notevolmente accelerato dai nostri clienti. E ognuna di queste Trasformazioni Digitali è in realtà una Trasformazioni di Dati.”

Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer | Tableau Software

So, what will happen in the near future? Here is the 2021 Salesforce and Tableau roadmap:

  • Native connection of Tableau to the Einstein Analytics data store to optimize performance and security.
  • Data preparation tools to analyze Tableau and Einstein Analytics to ensure clean data.
  • Portability of content to simplify dashboard creations.

Other additions in 2021, Tableau plans to launch personal areas, like Slack notifications and numerous Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. A key move will then be to provide a native Tableau environment in browsers, starting with Prep Builder, which is already available in navigation software this quarter.

Tableau Software’s Portfolio will continue to be an Enterprise analytics platform. Tableau CRM will represent the integration with the Salesforce native environment.

Here’s an overview of the new Tableau portfolio:

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