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Service Cloud Einstein | Automate customer service with Artificial Intelligence

Customer Service best practices are rapidly evolving. In fact, Customer Care integrates more and more innovative tools and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get to know the customer and satisfy his expectations in real-time. Let’s discover together the latest technological innovations of customer support.

Customer Service | Artificial Intelligence for 24/7 assistance

Customer Service covers the management of the user through a series of new media and tools in an omnichannel perspective. Assistance and support pass today through different channels, such as the website, social media, email, telephone, chatbots and live chats and different types of support, such as PCs, tablets, and mobile. The user has become more demanding and demands that the company manage its requests while taking into account multiple devices and in a range of channels, which unlike in previous years, must be integrated with each other to facilitate and speed up the interaction with brands.

According to a recent Salesforce survey, 80% of customers consider assistance just as important as the product or service itself (Source: State of the Connected Customer, 2018).

In order for the company to respond effectively to customer expectations, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies must be available to:

  • Automate routine customer service;
  • Offer personalized, timely, omnichannel assistance, 24 hours a day;
  • Anticipate the customer’s requests and foresee the occurrence of any problems.

Salesforce Einstein Service Cloud combines all of these technologies allowing a total transformation of the traditional customer support system.

How Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein works

Service Cloud Einstein is the Artificial Intelligence Technology integrated into the relevant Salesforce module. The solution combines CRM data, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and guided processes, favoring a new personal and proactive way of interacting with the customer, capable of providing a memorable user experience. Based on Salesforce CRM, Einstein Service Cloud includes:

  • Einstein Bots for Service. Provides immediate answers to the customer and automates routine requests, collecting basic information and transferring it to the most qualified operator. Einstein Bots uses natural language processing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Lightning Flow for Service. Offers guided assistance processes with self-service interactions that streamline the Customer Service team workflow. When a problem or report arrives in the console, a preconfigured flow of processes is associated with the record and started. The agent can then follow the flow and add more flows if necessary.
  • Einstein Next Best Action. Thanks to the use of predictive models and the cross-referencing of data also external to CRM, Einstein Next Best Action builds personalized advice and intelligent offers for the customer, thus favoring user involvement and loyalty.

The benefits of Service Cloud Einstein

  • The automation of repetitive tasks leaves more time available to the team allowing them to deal with strategic activities that have greater value and increase productivity.
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to service allows for a much better standard of customer support.
  • A satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer.

Service Cloud Einstein helps you focus on what matters most: the customer. Ask our team for personalized advice to take advantage of the solution, adapting it to the needs of your business. Atlantic Technologies carries out customized projects ensuring dedication, competence and continuous attention to innovation.

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