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Most companies use 976 different applications on average, and only 29% of them are connected to each other*. The lack of connection between systems, processes and departments leads to operational inefficiencies that affect business growth and agility. Today, having modern integration software is essential to ensure productivity, efficiency and connected experiences. Let’s explore the world of data integration and discover the value that MuleSoft brings to a company.


Why is data integration important?

In a business environment where data volume is growing rapidly, it becomes crucial to have a unified integration platform. Therefore, data integration is no longer an option, but a necessity.

While customers expect connected and integrated experiences, employees increasingly need a single source of information for shared and individual projects. To stay competitive, companies need a modern approach to integration, allowing them to leverage data to deliver a seamless user experience and to benefit from better business outcomes. So, how is the implementation of data integration in companies going?

According to Global Industry Analysts, the next few years will see exponential growth in data integration, with a global market that will grow at the level of +137% by 2027, rising from 8.1 to 19.2 billion dollars in value, with a CAGR compound annual growth rate of 13%.

Companies that have already implemented data integration in a digital transformation strategy claim to have achieved greater customer engagement (54%), improved ROI (48%), increased automation adoption (45%) and improved visibility in operations (54%)*.

This is where MuleSoft comes into play.


What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is the world’s #1 integration API orchestration and management platform, part of the Salesforce family since 2018. MuleSoft simplifies the connection between applications, data and devices to provide a unique view of customers, to automate business processes and to quickly create connected experiences. It is one way IT can orchestrate the increasing number of tools and services that are becoming part of today’s companies, ensuring communications between systems and control of data flows.

Thanks to MuleSoft, data can be taken from heterogeneous sources and harmonize and return data into a single flow that ensures complete and consistent information.

Thanks to a modern approach based on APIs and web services, every integration becomes a “reusable building block”. The opportunity to easily add new blocks ensures operational efficiency and increases business agility. With hundreds of integration models based on vertical industry best practices, MuleSoft allows users to easily customize a ready-to-use solution and thus reduce integration project time and cost. MuleSoft also provides a wide range of out-of-the-box connectors to allow companies to better manage their tools and build increasingly sturdy and scalable connections over time.

Atlantic Technologies is excited to partner with MuleSoft and help customers rapidly adapt to changing market needs by integrating new technologies quickly and reliably.


How does Atlantic help customers use MuleSoft?

As Salesforce and MuleSoft Partners since 2020, Atlantic Technologies has helped companies in various industries (manufacturing, retail, healthcare and others) to take full advantage of MuleSoft’s API approach and AnyPoint platform in order to easily integrate IT systems and become more agile and efficient.

We provide our customers with the support and tools they need to manage an ever-increasing number of data, making it easy to exchange information and to optimize digital transformation. We help create a new way of working and greatly improve the experience of people and customers. With our data integration expertise and certified MuleSoft consultants in development and integration architectures, we help our customers connect any system and create integrated experiences at a fast pace.

A client case in particular is Sapio, an international company in industrial gas, medical and homecare. Atlantic supported the company by unlocking their “Sleep-Service” portal for the management of customer records and specific medical services and integrated their Salesforce and ERP systems. This allowed them to connect their website to their internal systems and help keep track of in transit data.

Another client case is Bucci, a leader in industrial robotics, field automation, and advanced composite materials. Atlantic allowed to create numerous reusable services capable of unlocking the potential of the various systems in the Group.
The adoption of an API-led connectivity philosophy is significant, and it’s capable of facilitating data exchange between systems and scalability of services, both batch and real-time. This has allowed the Group to focus on new objectives and functionalities, taking advantage of a single source of truth for their data.


Discover how Atlantic Technologies can help you implement MuleSoft!


* “MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report”, february 2022
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