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Manufacturing 4.0 | Salesforce CRM for Smart Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us! Manufacturing software solutions are becoming increasingly automated, making Salesforce an indispensable technology for streamlining your business.

What’s the best first step, you ask? Learning from industry leaders, such as from our clients Biesse, Ducati, DB Group, and Carcano, who will be guests at Salesforce Ducati Day.

Manufacturing 4.0, the technology with the most impact, and the role of Salesforce CRM

In addition to being a winning strategy, 4.0 is among the necessary manufacturing software solutions for companies who want to approach the digital world of innovation. The most important technologies are:

  • Big data and predictive analytics
  • Automation of company processes
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of Things and machine-to-machine
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

The bottom line? Salesforce has the capability to cover all communication channels and points of contact between vendors, service agents, marketing and customers.

Why Salesforce is Ideal for Smart Manufacturing

To adapt to the paradigm shift imposed by smart manufacturing software solutions, CRM must be an integral part of a company’s digital transformation strategy, as well as involving all business activities.

Managing Sales with Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics

From the first phase of the sales cycle to the customer’s involvement and the creation of the lead, Sales Cloud helps sales teams gather the necessary information for making their actions as effective as possible. Thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce, it’s possible to generate automated forecasts that facilitate business processes

Develop a Multichannel Client Service Solution with Service Cloud

Why not transform your customer service from a non-revenue to a revenue-producing center? Salesforce’s Service Platform grants agents and technicians access to comprehensive client information that is up-to-date and simplified, even while on the move. By integrating IoT (Internet of Things) with Salesforce (IoT Cloud), you’re able to monitor the state of the machines and the beating heart of Manufacturing 4.0, as well as optimising your production and maintenance activities. What’s more, the Artificial Intelligence of Einstein Analytics, which is integrated with the Service Cloud, is a unique tool for planning interventions and making customer service more efficient.

Learn more from the experience of our client Biesse.

A Unique Customer Experience with Marketing Cloud

A data-driven customer journey is imperative when it comes to smart manufacturing. Luckily, Salesforce’s innovative Marketing Cloud allows you to track any and all customer journeys and collect all of the information that’s necessary for efficient and productive communication.  Thanks to the automation and the predictive logic of Artificial Intelligence, it’s also possible to create personalized paths and relationships with current and potential customers, enabling you to communicate with the most suitable target at exactly the right time. This guarantees a maximum ROI on the company’s marketing campaigns. What’s not to love?

Manage Relationships with Community Cloud

Salesforce transfers data into its Community Cloud from all system, making them accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Its capabilities include:

  • Sharing and updating contacts and opportunities between the sales team and partners.
  • Optimising of sales actions and updates in real time.
  • Receiving customer feedback and comments on products. Customers are able to solve problems independently while providing useful material to Customer Service. This allows Customer Service to listen to its customers, stay up to date on product and services, and make alterations if necessary.
  • Creating customer support cases directly in Community Cloud. Thanks to filtered and embedded keywords, cases are automatically scaled and resolved efficiently by customer service.

Learn more from the experience of our client Ducati.

For further information, download event details on Salesforce Ducati Day for manufacturing and industrial manufacturing. Learn how Biesse, Ducati, DB Group and Carcano had success using Salesforce, one of the best manufacturing software solutions on the market.

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