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Dear Atlantic People,

We are currently navigating the company’s 25th year of life and I can’t avoid reflecting on the following in this strange time of Covid. Atlantic Technologies has gone through growth and challenges, we have adapted to market and technology changes, we have worked to keep employees motivated through good times and bad ones too, we have made overwhelmingly good decisions about direction and technologies to come, but most importantly and above all, we have persevered, worked hard, and kept our focus on a brighter future.

Together, we are helping our customers navigating a rapidly changing world and transforming their processes to grow. As an independent company, we have a privileged position in the technology sector with a wide range of services and skills on CRM, ERP and BI, an incredible wealth of knowledge that allows us to deliver superb complex projects for our very successful clients. We have a low employee turnover rate, which is one of our keys to success. Most of our clients are long-term and satisfied and they continue to renew their relationship with us, year after year.

We have always strived to treat our employees as individuals, recognizing the uniqueness of each one as well as the cycle they may go through in their lives. Like company cycles, each one of us is subjected to changes that may affect the performance at any given time: marriage, children, divorce, moving, sickness, education and so on. We have always done our best to understand, support, and where possible help with an ‘unwritten policy’ that has allowed the company to create a ‘circle of trust’ that very well reflects on who we are. We are listeners and we will help if possible for short-term issues, but most importantly, it’s long-term that we count on. The company only requires one thing: just give your best effort, whatever your capabilities, experience, education, and situation are.

Our success is based on our rare blend of employee dedication and capacity, a wide range of accumulated knowledge, excellent technologies, our satisfied customers, and our ethical and transparent ways of dealing with everyone.

Our employees are constantly being offered positions in other companies that look to emulate the success of Atlantic, without realizing that no one ingredient is the magical path to success but rather the rare blend of all unique ingredients. This rare blend gives everyone the opportunity to excel by giving while growing to become more valuable over time.

We are unique in other ways too. We run the company with a high degree of professionalism, as a multinational company would do, except it is much better. We have a “special people’s touch”. Our employees benefit from flexible workspace and a healthy work-life balance. We organize cocktail parties and 2 staff meetings a year to keep employees informed and most importantly to be a team and have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

For all those employees that were around in 2018, at our September staff meeting, I presented the 3-year plan detailing some objectives. The original plan included the purchase of a company that never happened. So we arrived at the target revenue in 2021 with our “own legs and effort”…Congratulations to everyone!

2022 looks like it will be an even bigger year: we plan to go to a reasonable 22% increase. We have the budgets built, our people very much in place, the pipeline and account targets detailed, and the plan to execute.

Atlantic Technologies intends to remain the largest independent, reliable and extremely good quality company for all our Technology Partners. In the meantime, we will be preparing a long-term plan for the company for the following years.


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