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Oracle has announced Release 22 from JD Edwards which reflects the continuous innovation delivered in EnterpriseOne, and promises a massively simplified and futureproof system.

Atlantic Technologies has been working with Oracle JD Edwards, since long before their acquisition by Oracle in 2003. Our expert JD Edwards ERP specialist of almost 3 decades, Massimo Pignolo, provides his insights on the importance of this recent evolution.

Atlantic Technologies and JD Edwards

For Atlantic Technologies, JD Edwards has stood the test of time. The launch of JDE Release 22, hosts a range of new updates that will help our customers by being easily personalisable and free from the pain of heavy integration.

massimo pignolo

“The product can easily fit customer’s needs showing business logic abstracted from technology. It’s easy to personalise.” explains Pignolo.


Why Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards provides an offering that has been proven to stand the test of time across a range of different industries.

“JD Edwards was designed with an eye to the future from conception meaning that many decisions they made during the 80s are still effective and unique today. This is what makes it a robust solution with a clear roadmap and evolution.” Pignolo continues.

Additionally, Oracle JD Edwards meets the demands for a flexible and simplified user experience. Modern ERP systems, like JDE, are aligned with how users work today. Integrated with digital technologies, JD Edwards innovative approach increases productivity enabling your company to work smarter, faster, and ultimately achieve more. These enhancements demonstrate Oracle’s continuing investment in JD Edwards products and our commitment to our customers to enable their journey to a digital enterprise.

About JD Edwards Release 22

With a significant upgrade to both functionalities and technical areas, there are a vast number of important developments to understand. Let’s take a look at what Release 22 really means for JD Edwards users, and Atlantic Technologies customers.

What’s changed?

“Key changes include no-code personalisation, improved user interface and the ability to get connected to the external world without the pain of heavy integration, by using Orchestrator Studio” Massimo Pignolo says.

Oracle’s support has allowed JD Edwards to focus on revolutionising four key pillars of their offering to help continue to optimise and transform business processes. Users will notice significant improvements to tools and applications in the following areas:

  • Digital transformation. Alongside workflow improvements, orchestration designer allows support for media objects and display messages about how objects are performing.
  • User Experience. Automations and form extensions have seen a range of enhancements. Pop-up messages for Orchestrations are launched from EnterpriseOne. The designer can specify a response message to a user when an orchestration is launched from the Orchestrator user interface. EnterpriseOne search results can be exported to Excel.
  • System Automation. Amongst other improvements, users will experience zero downtime when packages are deployed, a one-stop interface to anaylise the impact of applications, and administrative tasks can still be performed when servers are offline.
  • Platform. Oracle is continually striving to bring the best possible platform to its customers whilst helping reduce their cost of ownership. With improved business continuity and platform certifications, JD Edwards with the Release 22 continues his promise of quality and consistency.

Continuous Adoption Delivery Model

With the previously announced Continuous Adoption delivery model, Oracle continues to deliver new functionality and features to the JD Edwards software without the potential disruption of a major upgrade. Oracle is now lengthening this commitment by extending the future Premier Support date for EnterpriseOne 9.2 to at least December 2032. Oracle wants to reassure customers that they can continue to run the current release of JD Edwards applications with ongoing support and enhancements for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for our customers?

Atlantic Technologies will continue delivering enhancements regularly, along with maintenance, regulatory updates, and technology improvements such as the added flexibility this model gives them in terms of when to adopt new releases, the expanded support window, and a simpler approach to maintaining their Oracle JD Edwards environment. (See also the benefits we offer our customers with ERP True Cloud based on Oracle JDE). Customers also like not having to budget or plan for a major upgrade. They can choose and control when to add new functionality, and it is easier, less disruptive, and faster to implement.


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