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Data are crucial assets for companies today. The best way to leverage them is through graphic representation, using modern data visualization tools integrated with innovative technologies. This enables companies to build a narrative linking the past, present and future, telling the story of graphs and numbers in a clear way. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly data storytelling is and which data visualization tools are necessary for its implementation.

How to implement data storytelling with data visualization tools

Without a narrative that interprets and tells their story, data are nothing but meaningless numbers. In order to make the most of business occasions, interpret clients’ requests and requirements and ensure the availability of useful information for all company departments, not only must data be collected but they need to be put in order and interpreted too. This creates a narrative frame that enables all the company’s internal and sometimes external stakeholders to understand the meaning of data collected from different company processes. This is made possible by data visualization tools.
Today, companies can count on modern solutions that leverage technologies such as AI and machine learning. Through data visualization, these solutions create stories based on millions of data entries from all company processes: production, sales, marketing, HR and many more.

Let’s take a look at how a data storytelling solution works and how Atlantic is able to support companies in the implementation of an approach focused on creating a data-based narrative.

Data visualization and data storytelling

Data visualization solutions are among the most interesting modern business intelligence (BI) tools for companies of today. They can be used to manage, model and organise data, thus enabling data storytelling, which is what companies of today need in order to fully leverage the potential of information available to them.

So, data visualization is very much the missing link between BI and the corporate decision-making processes, as management is able to obtain orderly and understandable data, crucial for making business decisions. In turn this gives rise to a data storytelling narrative, which becomes a fundamental asset for all company processes.

But how does data visualization aid in the adoption of an approach grounded in data storytelling? Data visualization tools can be used to create dashboards, which display the enormous amount of data available to company decision-makers, in a simple and clear way.
All this is possible thanks to the integration of data visualization solutions by technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, with algorithms based on principles of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which studies interaction between computers and human language.

Tableau data visualization tools, the BI solution that helps companies unleash the full potential of data, are also based on these pillars. Let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics Tableau has to offer for data visualization and data storytelling.

Atlantic and Tableau: supporting company in data storytelling

Here are the strong points of data visualization tools by Tableau, which support companies in the implementation of a data storytelling-based approach:

  • Rapid analysis: data visualization in Tableau is between 10 to 100 times faster than in other solutions
  • Easy to use: No programming experience is required in order to use Tableau. Commands for creating dashboards are simple and intuitive
  • Smart dashboards: the option of combining several visualization modes enables a more detailed analysis of all kinds of data (databases, spreadsheets, cloud services, etc.)
  • Automatic updates: software updates are automatic, or obtainable simply by downloading the most recent versions
  • Data stories: thanks to this functionality, automated explanations can be added to Tableau dashboards, organised in a simple language, helping users to understand and interact quicker with data

data stories with Tableau

Thanks to Tableau and the expertise of our certified consultants, at Atlantic Technologies we effectively support companies in the adoption and implementation of a modern and cutting-edge BI solution, with integrated data visualization tools. An effective ally for company management in defining a business approach based on data storytelling, which transforms data into assets that are fundamental in securing a competitive edge on today’s market.

Discover how our consultants can support your company in the adoption of a BI solution in order to build corporate data storytelling. 


images source:data visualization  and data stories,tableau.com
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