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EAM is driving digital transformation in the manufacturing sector towards a new interconnected and intelligent world, “anytime, anywhere”. In addition to tracking and monitoring assets, modern EAM solutions improve production quality and ensure interoperability and collaboration to proactively predict and anticipate future needs. Lucart, at Aiman’s “Maintenance Month 2020”, addressed the strategic importance of an EAM solution. Let’s review the main advantages it has had in manufacturing.


What is EAM?


Today, the term EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) refers to software that allows you to manage company assets and digitize and monitor maintenance processes, thanks to the processing of data from the Internet of Things (IoT).

EAM software is a single platform that standardizes processes for numerous functions of business assets. The Maintenance, Purchasing and Production teams can access information and updated data in real time, with the aim of optimizing performance, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.
Thanks to the technologies related to industry 4.0, EAM’s activity is taking on an increasingly strategic role in Manufacturing, as it helps to create value and increase the competitiveness of companies in the sector.


EAM and digitization: state of the art


Businesses are facing an unprecedented global crisis that has forced Asset Managers to react quickly to changes and respond to new problems by transforming the way they work on-site and off-site. Connectivity and innovative mobile solutions are no longer a choice, but a necessity. The right tools allow you to dynamically adapt to changing business needs based on global and local conditions and deliver a unified team experience.

Companies are more widely aware of the advantages of a proactive approach to business asset management, so much so that the EAM market is growing faster than expected. According to a new research report carried out by Research & Markets *, the global Enterprise Asset Management market will generate 26 billion dollars in 2030. If we also consider the deployment model, the Cloud will record a higher growth rate (CARG) .


Why maintenance digitization is fundamental in manufacturing


Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, meet production and performance targets, comply with regulatory requirements, and maximize return on assets. For manufacturing companies, machinery and plant failures are no longer allowed. A collaborative, proactive and integrated approach can produce significant savings and improve the operational performance of assets. An Enterprise Asset Management system represents a real enabler of change within the company, as it offers the possibility to review fundamental decision-making processes of production and to implement a strategic approach that allows you to manage each resource at its maximum effectiveness.

Modern Enterprise Asset Management systems, such as HxGN EAM, are based on a preventive approach, and offer many opportunities and benefits to Manufacturing companies. Among these, the possibility of making the company, machinery and systems increasingly efficient and reliable, avoiding breakdowns and production stops.
Thanks to the digitization of assets, manufacturing acquire considerable competitive advantages in the market thanks to a higher availability of the plant, the reduction of malfunctions and reduction of intervention costs and impact on the environment.
Another very interesting aspect concerns mobility, or the use of mobile devices that offer the ability to analyze data on the machine, giving insights in real time.


EAM innovation in manufacturing: Lucart brings EAM on board


Lucart, Europe’s leading manufacturing group for paper production, has embarked on a process of digitizing maintenance with the aim of reducing inefficiencies and costs and ensuring operational continuity.

Massimiliano Bartolozzi and Michele De Giacomo of Lucart shared the digitization strategy adopted by the company in the “Month of Maintenance 2020”, an initiative of Aiman ​​of which Atlantic Technologies was the main sponsor.

“Thanks to HxGN EAM, and the skills of Atlantic Technologies, we were able to create a single maintenance process that allowed us to eliminate inefficiencies and improve maintenance performance. The success of the project was more than tangible during the COVID-19 period, we had reliable plants and we were able to guarantee operational continuity. The HxGN EAM solution was immediately accepted and used by all maintenance technicians who immediately took possession of the tools and changed the way they work. “Massimiliano Bartolozzi, CIO | Lucart

For the Group, HxGN EAM Mobile has proved to be essential for accessing, acquiring and communicating timely and accurate maintenance information.

Thanks to EAM Mobile, we have real-time knowledge on the availability of spare parts in the warehouse with relative downtime reduction and unnecessary movement and physical contact. Before, the maintainers would not return the tablets even if we had paid them. Now they have all the information alongside the machine ”. – Michele De Giacomo, Warehouse & Account Manager | Lucart

Atlantic Technologies, main sponsor of the Aiman ​​initiative, illustrated the benefits for companies that, thanks to the digitization of maintenance, can continue their activities smoothly.

Atlantic participated in the initiative as a top sponsor, not only to communicate how much we believe and invest in the most innovative technological solutions, but above all to allow companies to hear about a success story of a company that has overcome difficulties thanks to process digitization. Manufacturing and other sector companies are aware of the importance of effective asset management and this trend has accelerated in the current period “- Lorenzo Ancona, VP ERP Solutions | Atlantic Technologies

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