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As the post-pandemic job market continues to open up, businesses look to enter a war on talent. A recruitment CRM will need to help companies make hiring efforts more efficient and keep employees engaged. When it comes to the education industry, it plays a crucial role in simplifing the student admission management, streamlining the communication and ensuring student engagement.

Whilst ERP is often prioritised when it comes to implementing recruitment software, the businesses need to consider the benefits of CRM to gain an advantage over their competitors.

How will a recruitment CRM grow my business?

With over 25 years of experience implementing CRM into globally renowned medium to large businesses, Atlantic Technologies understands the importance of creating a human-centred approach when it comes to employee engagement. At some point, every growing company will need to digitalise their recruitment process in order to optimise their time and effectiveness.

A CRM recruitment system will help companies to strengthen relationships from discovery right through to retention and will help higher education institutions to improve the student experience. Not to mention, Salesforce CRM is the most scalable platform for student recruitment and admissions.

Building brand awareness through Salesforce marketing campaigns

Salesforce marketing features allow you to reach your target audience, creating personalised journeys to increase the effectiveness of each campaign. Through social listening and appearing on the platforms that your desired prospects use the most you will be able to increase your reach, learn more about your prospects and build multi-channel journeys that drive engagement.

Create a connected enrollment management system, accessible from anywhere

Once your ideal applicants have discovered the opportunities you have to offer, Atlantic Technologies will build a streamlined, user-friendly application process tailored to your business needs. This enrollment management system will provide insights, allow team members to collaborate and it will be accessible from anywhere via mobile devices.

With access to remote support, feedback and documentation, your employees can provide one-to-one help to applicants – starting their experience of your business off on the right foot.


Grow with unified data from Admissions Connect

With real-time insights and all your enrollment and application data in one place, your teams will benefit from unified data that will allow them to make informed decisions. CRM data will allow you to:

  • Empower your teams to collaborate
  • See what is missing from applications
  • Understand how to build retention through long-lasting relationships
  • Measure your results against your goals
  • Benefit from AI and automations

Not only will this unified, automated hiring process help create continual improvements to your enrollment management, it will help to keep all your constituents connected from andwhere, at any time. This human-centred approach is integral to the education business growth and to building student engagement and long-lasting relationships with applicants.


Future-proof your CRM recruitment process with scalable innovation

As your business grows, so must your enrollment management system to enable your institution to maintain consistent and connected admissions management. Not only is Salesforce CRM scalable alongside your business, this platform continues to push technology to new bounds meaning that you will benefit from the wider Salesforce ecosystem – centred around supporting company growth.

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