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Operationally, the complexity of private and higher education organisations is what stands in the way of profitability making the implementation of a school management system integral to business growth. More often than not, most of the management team in schools have a background in education. This means that decisions are made from a teaching perspective and often do not consider economic and commercial factors should be prioritised. Whats more, around half of students and teachers are recruited internationally, meaning that visas, documentation and payments create additional challenges whilst both students and teachers come and go year on year.

As private schools continue to be acquired by private funds, and these private funds form global educational institutions, profitability and adaptability are integral. How? Through organisation, simplification and automation. In order to achieve increased profitability, schools need to get an education in digitalisation. Let’s take a look at how the Education Cloud can help drive private schools and higher education organisations towards increased profitability.


Private and higher education after Covid19

Education over the last year has been a great challenge for teachers, students and parents alike. In many cases schools have been forced to create digital learning experiences whilst parents and students have been left questioning the financial value of education. In the same breath, the advantages of the social and extracurricular sides of private and higher education have been strongly highlighted alongside the benefits of 1:1 student teacher interactions.

As the pandemic has unfolded, the importance of a student-centric experience has become abundantly evident. From admission to alumni, the customer journeys for students and parents alike must be consistent and regular for student satisfaction.
Personalised, timely communication and increased operational organisation can only be achieved through the digitalisation of the education sector.

In order to create unquestionable value, faculty must embark on a digital transformation using the most effective school management system for their business requirements.


School management systems for the innovation of the education sector

Education Cloud is our go-to solution for school management system for providing a 360-degree view of your organisation. Not only does the Salesforce CRM increase efficiency, it provides simplicity, real-time data and helps global organisations to stay connected through internal and external communications.

With change management at the core of our offering, we work alongside key members of your organisation to guarantee a successful digital transformation.

The digitalisation of your private school or higher education organisation through school management software will support the progression of your business in the following ways:


Connecting with students from admission to alumni

According to the Salesforce Higher Education Connected Student Report*, 77% of students feel that receiving personalised messaging would help them feel that their school cares about their success, whilst 71% of students say their institutions do not provide them with a student community to connect with alumni.

The customer journey from admission to alumni is integral to students and teachers alike and after a year of remote working due to Covid19, the importance of forming both online and offline communications have become integral. Student portals and personalised, automated email communications as well as both physical and virtual events can all be managed through Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. With real-time visual data providing a single source of truth, informed decisions can be made. Activity such as the effectiveness of personalised interactions become easier to improve.


Managing the globalisation of teaching and learning

With the globalisation of higher education and private schools, and many teachers being foreign expats, education needs to be managed as a global enterprise. Alongside its aforementioned operational benefits, ERP True Cloud with Oracle JD Edwards is an international, multi-language management software that will help to manage multilingual communications as well as the complex structure of billing between currencies.

Alongside this, Education Cloud will manage database management and targeted communication so that the right messages can be sent to the right audiences at the right times.


Improving operations with ERP integration

An ERP system will help companies in the education sector to achieve a reduction of time and budget spent on overall operations.

ERP True Cloud with Oracle JD Edwards helps educational businesses to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of key processes including Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, SCM, order management. The solution helps in streamlining all the operations and activities and enables access to the information anywhere, anytime.

With all the information in one place, Atlantic can work alongside your team to make informed, data-driven decisions for the continual innovation of processes.

Learn more about how private schools and higher education can gain a unique advantage and move towards a more profitable organisation in our upcoming Webinar.



*Salesforce Higher Education Connected Student Report 2021

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