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Introhive and Atlantic Technologies are collaborating to propel customers through their digital transformation journey. This new partnership means less time spent on CRM management as well as more meaningful data quality.

Together, the companies provide best-in-class data and analytics to power the most successful digital transformation possible.

About Introhive: automation and data quality

Introhive, is the fastest-growing AI-powered B2B sales enablement platform. Introhive helps transform your Salesforce CRM platform into a single source of truth through four key solutions:

  • Automate: companies can save up to 6 hours a week that would have been spent manually entering data into CRM systems, so that employees can focus on their clients. Additionally, Introhive creates a record of how each relationship was formed. This means that every department from business development to sales, marketing and operations have accurate data to base future decisions on.
  • Cleanse: 70% of databases become outdated within around 12 months, however, manually cleaning up data can be as time consuming as entering data manually in the first place, if not more. Cleanse helps you to simplify data clean-up in real time so that you don’t have to deal with bounce backs and batch updates. Relevant data equals trustworthy data for better-informed decision making, more personalised marketing and business growth.
  • Reveal: visibility is key when it comes to making effective decisions. Reveal helps businesses to understand which of their employees have existing relationships with potential customers so that decision-makers know where the warm business leads already lay. Reveal also helps with cross-department collaborations. These insights help companies to create a better experience for each customer whilst presenting opportunities to cross-sell and upsell.
  • Guide: think of ‘Guide’ as your path to success by exposing where time and energy needs to be spent for effective results. By analysing historical data, therefore helping employees see through their ‘to-do-list’, Introhive allows individuals to focus on what works. Employees can also learn from those that are already best at driving results.

“Introhive and Atlantic Technologies are well positioned to deliver exceptional value to shared customers,” says Paul Catchpole, Director of Alliances at Introhive. “Atlantic Technologies is focused on helping businesses in industries such as Education, Health and Life Sciences, and Manufacturing to adopt cloud solutions during their digital transformation and Introhive provides enriched data and focuses on the extended menu of services to make sense of that data in a meaningful way.”


People Powering Technology alongside Introhive

Atlantic Technologies collaboration with Introhive will better support customers through their digital transformation journeys in the following ways:

  • Save time with manual CRM inputting and updates so that employees can spend time on building important relationships
  • Improve data quality to help customer’s business make more informed decisions
  • Help improve relationships with colleagues, customers and prospects through more meaningful data across departments
  • Support growth by improving customer conversion rates, productivity and sales performance.

“By having a strong go to market strategy and like-values, we are excited to bring our customers a one stop shop when it comes to standing up and deploying their CRM,” said Marcelo Di Rosa, founder and CEO at Atlantic Technologies. “From day one of implementation, our customers will be able to trust enriched Introhive data and surface relationship data and insights that will accelerate their deals to close.”

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