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Our ERP Solutions with Oracle JD Edwards

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Atlantic Technologies has developed vertical ERP Solutions with Oracle JD Edwards suite.

  • JD Edwards Logistic Mobile Manage your warehouse by tracking merchandise barcodes at every stage of the process. It reduces the possibility of errors and ensures access to data anytime, anywhere.
  • ATMonitor Monitor data exchanges, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) management, and send Mail and PEC certified E-mail. The solution is also suitable for software other than Oracle JD Edwards.
  • ETO (Engineering to Order) Advanced Manage and improve traceability from order to order, monitor the engagement of the internal and external resources involved and verify the progress of work. Completely integrable with standard Oracle JD Edwards modules. It is particularly productive in Engineering and Construction Industries.
  • Fast Sales Mobilize the activity of your sales team, even offline! Collect sales orders and bids directly from the customer using a Mobile app integrated with Salesforce and Oracle JD Edwards. The app was awarded by SMAU Mob App Awards in 2014 in the Sales Force Automation category.
  • Sales Commission Management Optimize the management of sales commissions with an all-in-one solution. The application fulfills all the Italian tax requirements for sales commission and is integrated with the JD Edwards Financial Management solution. The solution focuses on commission calculation and is the only one in the market recognized by Oracle.
  • Outside Operation Processing Enhance the production process with a pre-packaged solution, in line with Italian tax requirements, which allows you to orchestrate multiple orders simultaneously and keep the materials available.
  • Advanced Stock Valuation In addition to inventory enhancement, this solution allows you to make the best use of your data and enables the calculation of production cost and cost of purchased material.