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Field Service Lightning Accelerator: improve your technical assistance

Save time in defining the design steps using a consolidated approach. Discover Atlantic Technologies’ offer for the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning. Bring your customer service up to excellence, register and download content.

Optimize your on-site technical assistant

Register and download the Atlantic Accelerator presentation: one solution for complete adoption of Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Make your on-site technical assistance proactive. What are the benefits of our offer?

  • Adoption of process and industry best practices;
  • Reduction of implementation time;
  • Cut project costs.

Why the Atlantic Accelerator?

The expertise in implementation of Service Cloud and the knowledge of common Field Service processes, led our consultants to create this unique offer.

Enhance your technical assistance and make your field service proactive

The Atlantic Field Service Accelerator is aimed at all those companies which want to streamline and prevent on-site technical assistance activities. Thanks to the digitalization of the entire process, you can unify and linearize the flow of service and field service activities and manage it through a single platform: from the receipt of the assistance request for the Customer Service Center, up to field technicians’ on-site activities. Listed below are some of our clients who have successfully implemented Service Cloud Solutions:

Offer a complete and personalized assistance thanks to the overview of the very specific client’s situation and his assistance contract. Do not risk wasting time arriving with wrong spare parts or not knowing the history of machines, of communications and past activities performed.

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