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Digital Marketing Demo | Events and webinars management accelerator


Join us for a Digital Marketing Demo. Watch our video on events and webinars management with Salesforce. Discover our Accelerator dedicated to Digital Marketing specialists and automate the creation of corporate events, using a single solution for the entire planning, launch and reporting process.

Events and Webinars Management Accelerator for the Digital Era

Atlantic has created an Event Management Accelerator – digital and physical – which involves the entire funnel of the marketing activity:


  • Campaign, budget and target configuration


  • Multichannel approach, Customer Experience and Lifecycle


  • Customer Satisfaction, Brand Awareness e Loyalty


  • ROI Analysis and next steps actions

The Accelerator integrates all solutions into a single flow:

CRM | Marketing Cloud Survey di Salesforce | Tableau Software.

Events and Webinars Management with Salesforce

Atlantic Technologies has developed an end-to-end solution for corporate event planning, launch and reporting activities for B2B, B2B2C and B2C. The Demo illustrates how to successfully face challenges in creating Events and Webinars in the digital era.

Event Management Accelerator in the digital era that goes through all the stages of creating an event, both digitally and physically and responds to the awareness of the Company’s brand, Customer Satisfaction, Lead Generation, and Brand Loyalty.

Atlantic Technologies consulting

We are Salesforce Partner since 2005. We offer consultancy services for managing customer relationships and optimizing sales, marketing and customer service processes. We help improve the customer experience and loyalty by operating on the internal and external communication flows of the company.

We are Tableau Software partner since 2014. The company, leader for innovation in Business Intelligence and Analytics, was acquired by Salesforce in 2019 with the aim of improving data analytics and offering a complete platform at the Enterprise level.

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