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The term Data Management Platform (DMP) refers to a software platform with the objective of collecting information related to specific digital users. The aim of a DMP is to allow marketers to cluster a target audience and use these segmentations in digital advertising campaigns.

A platform to manage data, based on Big Data Management algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, is therefore able to manage and organize large volumes of informations from different sources, such as: website, social media, applications, desktop and mobile devices, web access and integration with CRM software.

Users are then grouped based on information such as: interests, preferences, habits, physical and geographical characteristics such as age, gender, language and geolocation of the device.

The collection of information in the data management structure is therefore subject to the specific privacy policies of the sources and may refer to a known user or to an anonymized user, but equally reachable through social and digital advertising campaigns.

In Digital Marketing, DMP is used for:
– Audience targeting and retargeting;
– Look-alike modeling, to identify new users based on similarity with other profiles. For example: shared social media interests;
– User profiling;
– Insights and forecasts analysis on business, content creation and new trends;
– Creation of personalized journeys. For example: purchase suggestions;
– Growth of the customer base and brand awareness.

Data Management Platforms allow to fully exploit the information of any level and improve the efficiency of advertising investments.

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