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Bayer is a Global Group present in 87 Countries. Atlantic developed a powerful, modern, and intuitive BI interface able to analyse data, optimise processes as well as monitor media Investments, sales, and trends. All with Tableau Enterprise BI, the most powerful BI system on the planet.

The Project 

With over 150-year history, Bayer is a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has business divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science e Consumer Health and it is present globally with over 170 brands.

The company was looking for a partner able to implement a single platform able to guide the divisions effectively and transform the analysis into a truly Data Driven. The task required the creation of a platform able to organize both internal (sales, CRM, Excel Documentation) and external data (buying, media investments, digital data). 

Bayer chose Atlantic Technologies ICT consultancy services for our over 20 years of experience in Cloud Computing solution in Salesforce CRM, ERP Truecloud with JD Edwards, Infor EAM and Tableau Enterprise BI Analytics. 

The Outcome

Atlantic Technologies’ expert consultants selected Tableau Enterprise as the perfect solution for the corporate. They have designed a whole new system that was able to convert and reorganise Excel, SAP BI, OLAP and QLIK files and data into a “single source of truth” perfect for the Life Sciences and Medical Industry. We have migrated all the data history of Bayer and connected all the data from different sources into a solely platform. A requirement that Buyer had was the flexibility and ease of use of the interface. So, we have created an intuitive UI that simplified all the UX of the employees. With added filters and selectors, the software made BI Analysis as simple as a click.  

Tableau Industries specific solutions allowed us to customise each section for what was needed for the firm, transforming spreadsheets into colourful maps, interactive graphs, and engaging visuals without losing detailed analysis data in the process.

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Switching from an Excel spreadsheet to such a view you have a really big jump

Silvia Paesani
BI and CRM Manager | Bayer

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