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Atlantic developed a powerful, modern and intuitive BI interface for Bayer Italia that allows for data analysis, process optimization and the ability to monitor investments, sales and media trends. All with Tableau Software, the most powerful BI system in the world.

The Project 

With over 150 years of history behind it, Bayer is a multinational Life Science and Healthcare company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company has three business divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science and Consumer Health and is present on the global market with over 170 products.


Bayer Consumer Health | The Data Driven Strategy

Bayer Italia’s first project with Atlantic Technologies is related to the Consumer Health division.

The company was looking for a partner able to implement a single platform to effectively lead the divisions and build a data-driven strategy for the marketing and sales departments. The activity required the creation of a platform capable of organizing both internal data, “Sell-in” (sales, CRM, excel documentation) and external “Sell-out” data (purchases, investments, digital data). 


Bayer Pharmaceuticals | Data Democratisation

Following the positive experience of the Bayer Consumer Health project, the Bayer Pharmaceuticals division also chose Atlantic Technologies ICT consulting services. The goal was data democratisation. The Data Analytics solution proved to be optimal thanks to the agility and simplicity of use of the tool.


The Outcome

The experience of Atlantic Technologies’ consultants and their expertise on Tableau Enterprise have led Bayer to achieve concrete and tangible results, with positive impacts both on the business and in the relationship with the customers.


The benefits of the Bayer Consumer Health project

We have designed a completely new system capable of converting and reorganizing files and data from Excel, SAP BI, OLAP and QLIK to direct them into a “single source of truth”, perfect for the Life Science and Healthcare sector.

We have migrated all of Bayer Italia’s data history and linked all data from different sources onto a single platform. A request from the company was the flexibility and ease of use of the interface. We then created an intuitive interface that simplified the employee user experience. By adding custom filters and selectors, the software has made analysis even easier and faster.


The benefits of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals project

The benefits relating to the second project can be summarized into three main points:

  • a democratization of data which now allows the company to make informed decisions autonomously;
  • a reduction in manual effort for running reports thanks to automatic data updating;
  • a single application that includes all the reporting.

For Bayer, Atlantic Technologies represented a strategic partner capable of combining its technical skills with knowledge of the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector, as well as supporting the company in the design and the implementation of complete and easy-to-use visualizations.

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We can now customize our customer interactions and generate valuable insights.

Daniele Rabia
Head of business insights and data analytics | Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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