Bossoni Group

Client: Bossoni Group
Year: 2017

Who is Bossoni Group

Gruppo Bossoni is one of the four major Car Dealerships in Italy. The company has over 30 years of experience working in direct sales and vehicle assistance (cars, industrial and commercial vehicles). It is also specialized in the supply of spare parts and equipment and services including loans, rentals, and insurance.

Gruppo Bossoni

Bossoni improves customer experience with Salesforce and Atlantic Technologies

Bossoni Group has improved lead management and accelerated its sales processes with the help of Salesforce’s and Atlantic Technologies’ expertise. With 520 employees and 18 locations in northern Italy, Brescia, Cremona, and Mantova, the dealer reached a 500-million Euro turnover in 2018. Bossoni Car Dealer Group chose Salesforce for Car Dealers.


Bossoni’s objective: efficiency in lead management and sales processes

To gain a competitive edge in the car dealer market, it has become fundamental to offer impeccable customer service while simultaneously optimizing the costs involved. As a result, efficiency has become an indispensable element of business success. Bossoni’s challenge was to unify all customer data across the company and to facilitate cross-selling.


Salesforce Solutions for Car Dealers

Gruppo Bossoni Automobili Salesforce

Bossoni chose Salesforce for its agility and extensive experience in the automotive and dealer industries. With the help of Atlantic Technologies – an experienced partner in the Car Dealer industry – Bossoni opted for the number one CRM to completely reorganize its sales processes. Lead management is now much faster and response times have been reduced to an hour. All managers are using Sales Cloud dashboards, which give them immediate data visibility. And thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, customers are at the center of all processes, as the platform enables dealerships to create an automated yet personalized Customer Journey. Through the Marketing Cloud Social Studio module, the company monitors and manages social media, actively participating in the era of “social leads”.


The results achieved by Bossoni Group

The Salesforce platform that was configured for Bossoni has increased the efficiency of sales and customer service processes, while also reducing information management costs. The company has recorded a 10% increase in conversion rates and an increase of 14% in on-site appointments – and these percentages are constantly growing!

“With Salesforce, we are now able to manage 99% of leads within an hour; the lead conversion rate rose from 5% to 15%. For sales reports, we replaced over 300 Excel sheets with dashboards, giving our managers immediate data visibility.”

Matteo Albanese, General Manager | Bossoni Automobili Spa

The CRM is used by 120 vendors, 30 managers, 8 specialists from the BDC (Business Development Center), and 18 administrative staff members. The next step for Bossoni will be to implement Salesforce Einstein and to set priorities in managing leads, monitoring budgets, and calculating profit margins.
Thanks to Salesforce and Atlantic Technologies, increased customer loyalty and cross-selling are no longer lofty goals, but rather everyday realities.