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The term Chatbot, or Chatterbot, refers to software that can simulate an intelligent conversation. Thanks to Artificial intelligence algorithms, automated rules, natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), Chatbots process data to provide answers to requests of all kinds.

Chatbots increase operational efficiency and allow businesses to save while offering convenience and additional services for customers. They allow companies to interact with an unlimited number of customers in a personal way and can be scaled according to the needs of demand and business. Using Chatbots, a company can deliver human-like, personalized and proactive service to millions of people at the same time.

The dizzying growth of instant messaging has led to radical changes in people’s communication preferences, but also in commercial and business relationships. The Chatbot works like a real virtual assistant. It allows you to establish conversations with anyone in real time and with extreme ease, to respond to requests or manage complaints in an instant and decisive manner.

24/7 active tool, the Chatbot guarantees a high level of customer experience and gives companies the ability to track and monitor user behavior and preferences. Organizations can then convert the data into valuable information for their business.

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