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Thanks to Atlantic Technologies’ innovative implementation methodology, Fedegari Group benefited from the Salesforce CRM for both their sales and after- sales services. Their employees participated in the change process with enthusiasm and motivation.


The Project 

With an international presence in 100 countries and over 700 employees, Fedegari is one of the leading companies in delivering complete solutions, machines, components and services in the field of sterilisation, chemical bio-decontamination and environmental contamination control for pharmaceutical, biotech, and food.

It was necessary to simplify the sales processes, to connect the global sales force and facilitate the sharing of information on each customer in real-time. They were looking for a good partner, such as Atlantic Technologies, and a good system like Salesforce CRM able to increase both their sales to 100 million and the after sales activities with a simple intuitive system architecture.

The Outcome

With the help of Atlantic and the efficient implementation methodology of Salesforce CRM software, Fedegari has increased the level of analysis, capacity of sale and defined new parameters that in the past were not considered in the company. The Group has relied on the great experience and expertise of Atlantic Technologies – the reference partner for the Manufacturing Industry – to develop a customer-centric, sales and service management system. In 2019, right after the success achieved with Salesforce CRM and Sales Cloud, the company adopted the Service Cloud solution too, to better manage technical assistance at a global level. In particular, thanks to Field Service Lightning, technicians working in the field have the opportunity to consult the system documentation, the history of previous interventions and find out if the same problem has already occurred in other systems and how it was resolved.

The company began its innovation journey with its people, thanks to the winning Atlantic Technologies’ methodology of Change Management.


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“We have chosen Atlantic Technologies as a consulting partner for all after-sales activities, to resolve problems more quickly and to ensure customer success.”

Giuseppe Fedegari
President | Fedegari Group

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