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Atlantic Technologies developed a completely new and efficient maintenance system for Dana Rivoli that helped put processes together in order to have a single maintenance system, shared and extended to all of the Group’s plants. Dana Rivoli is formerly known as Oerlikon Graziano, which was acquired by Dana Incorporated in March 2019.

The Project

Dana Rivoli adopted the HxGN EAM solution to optimize their maintenance processes and this was implemented by Atlantic Technologies’ because of its experience and expertise in manufacturing.

As a multinational company with multi-plants located around the world, Dana had pain points such as inconsistencies in data and a lack of centralized management. The 3 macro objectives were:

  • Create common tools and solutions for global maintenance management in EMEAR and India
  • Apply standard operating processes in both regions
  • Use a Mobile solution to manage the maintenance.

The Outcome

Thanks to Atlantic’s expertise on Hexagon’s Enterprise Asset Management platform, the company has seen a significant increase in asset performance. The entire team was on board and actively involved so that a close collaboration was created between the Maintenance and Production Functions.

The adoption of Hexagon Preventive Maintenance has helped in a reduction of breakdown while optimizing spare parts and warranty management to reduce time and costs. Lastly, Dana Rivoli improved the overall experience and efficiency of the maintainers thanks to HxGN EAM Mobile and strengthened the control of the activities of the external maintainers assigned to the plants.

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