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As we settle into an ever changing world, businesses search for levels of certainty, routine and agility that can only be achieved through technology. Within the new normal, businesses are accelerating the digitization of their business processes to meet high customer expectation and accommodate a landscape that moves in and out of restrictions whether related to business travel, self isolation or working from home.

Companies have spent the last 2 years rethinking business strategies, processes and operations and as new variants of Covid-19 are uncovered we realise the need to adapt is far from temporary. Technology is needed for a smooth transition and digital transformation must be placed at the top of the list when it comes to budget and resources. In the end, employees, customers and the entire business ecosystem will reap the benefits of digital transformation. We have seen these first hand with our clients, time and time again. A few of these clients include IMS Technologies, Leaseplan and Mascara Plus Cosmetics.

In our previous Aused webinar we discussed the challenges relating to the ‘new normal’ and tried and tested ways to approach both technology and consulting. Tackling these issues, we heard testimonials from Matteo Mazzola, Group Customer Service Director at IMS Technologies, Giulio Foldes, Strategy & Transformation Director at Leaseplan and Marcello Bonomi, Business & Industrial Controller at M Plus Cosmetics.

The digital revolution at IMS Technologies 

The digital path at IMS Technologies started in the pre-pandemic period of October 2019 and continued, without interruption and remotely, throughout the pandemic. The project involved the digitization of Sales & Service processes with Salesforce and then later transitioned into the marketing area, using Pardot. The project kicked off via an Atlantic Technologies team of consultants who collaborated with IMS in the various phases of analysis and by 2020, the project was successfully rolled out.

“The Salesforce solution,” Matteo Mazzola explains, “stems from a clear goal: to eliminate communication barriers between the company and our customers and adopt a modern business model by redesigning the customer experience.”

IMS Technologies is a multinational company operating in the construction of customised plants in the converting, packaging, automotive and molds industries. The platform was introduced first in Italy and then rolled out to the other Group’s branch offices, located in Germany and the USA.

“The new normal has accelerated our desire to continue the digitization process. We have had several live phases, between the sales and service project – a platform that is fully interfaced with the ERP management system. We continued with the roll out of further development projects: Live Project Service Cloud Voice & Digital Engagement. The next steps in this new year will be the Customer Portal & B2B E-Commerce and the Service Cloud Voice & Digital Engagement. This will also be released to our other branch offices.” said Matteo Mazzola.

Matteo praised Atlantic Technologies, “They have accompanied us on this transformation path, providing a team of consultants with both technical and business skills. This has been the greatest advantage of the project. The Atlantic team fully understood our needs. We received an optimized solution that allowed us to exploit all the potential that the solution had available. The changes have given our customers the opportunity to contact us via chat channels that are incorporated within the Salesforce solution and also remote visual service tools. This new normal of doing business has allowed us to break down the barriers that in the past divided the company from customers.”

Leaseplan, the centrality of the human factor in technology

Leaseplan is a leading leasing company with over 1.7 million vehicles in over 30 countries. They manage the entire life cycle of vehicles handling everything from purchasing and maintenance to selling former lease vehicles.

Their digital transformation strategy has been to focus on change and on the human factor to create their new normal.

Giulio Foldes, Strategy & Transformation Director at LeasePlan Italy, explains “People are key in making change happen, but they can also inhibit a project if they don’t have the right behaviour to support the initiative.”

The project was managed in strong partnership with Atlantic, for both technology and change management. The change management project started in July 2020. Giulio Foldes underlines two significant moments in the change management process: “the training managed by presence was important for those who had to transfer the knowledge of the system to end users as well as the use of gamification for detecting the effectiveness of the training provided. This ended up being a lighter moment of fun and communication exchange.”

Mascara Plus Cosmetics: the value of truthful data in the new normal 

Mascara plus Cosmetis produces make-up & cosmetics for big international brands. During the pandemic Mascara Plus Cosmetics implemented a series of KPIs in order to give the entire company control and visibility over orders, production and production progress, thanks to Atlantic and Tableau.

Marcello Bonomi, Business and Industrial Controller, said: “Atlantic Technologies made possible the acceleration of the entire analytics process and we were able to create reports and dashboards, giving us truthful data, in a very short time! Atlantic Technologies’ support played an important role, both in terms of technology and consultancy. They intervened immediately and ensured business continuity. We understood how it was necessary to rely on skilled and proactive consultants in the management of unforeseen events and at the same time be able to act as a precursor and promoter of new technologies to anticipate customer needs.”

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