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Work life balance has become an essential element in protecting the wellbeing of employees and is intrinsic to the success of companies. Businesses of any shape, size and sector can no longer afford to neglect this condition. Striking the right work-life balance means being able to nurture your passions and family life while also benefiting from professional fulfilment and peace of mind on a day to day basis.

These are all key factors for company growth, which closely ties in with the corporate training. Thus company policies must transcend makeshift strategy and be carefully thought out, tailored to people and their areas of interest. Let’s take a look at what companies can do and initiatives we are implementing at Atlantic for employees.


How to help employees strike the right work life balance?

Recognising the centrality of people and introducing the concept of time as the most valuable resource is fundamental for all companies. A company that embraces this vision supports employees in a family-like and motivating work environment.

At Atlantic we support a People First culture and have always been promoters of smart working. Time at the office is seen as an occasion for meeting with colleagues, an important opportunity for building solid relations and exchanging ideas.

As Tamara Gattus, HR Director of Atlantic Technologies suggests, “companies need to prioritise listening to employees’ needs and requirements and above all, ensure they feel respected and valued. Flexible working hours are key to an improved work-life balance that accommodates single requirements”.


Work-life balance: the benefits at Atlantic Technologies

Employee satisfaction always means reduced turnover and absenteeism, which is certainly the case at Atlantic. Thanks to our People Centric approach and a commitment to striking the right work-life balance, employees choose to stay at the company, thus generating benefits in terms of recruitment and know-how. This enables us to deliver continuous consultancy to customers, free from all the set-backs that typically arise in high-turnover environments and which compromise the fluidity of team work and punctual project implementation.

In this way the company can look beyond the present to the future, boosting people’s efficiency and added value for business, thus providing more effective support for all customers. Lastly, providing employees with the tools they need to tackle challenges beyond their comfort zone actually triggers a virtuous circle of continuous innovation, for themselves and the company.


How much does corporate training actually count?

Corporate training has a fundamental role to play in today’s constantly evolving and hyper-connected world. It means that companies are investing in own resources, in order to enhance both hard and soft skills. Company training also means forging the right skills for managing changes.

Training is a key point at Atlantic: it means giving employees the motivation and skills to pursue their duties in the best possible way. It is a moment of professional growth, also useful for getting to know yourself and self-improvement. Let’s take a closer look the tools we provide:

  • LinkedIn Learning: employees have 24h access to a number of courses, focused on business or more transversal topics;
  • Boosting emotional intelligence: a pathway for understanding how to reinforce individual competencies and soft skills, and to attain greater personal and professional satisfaction;
  • Continuous training available to everyone in all circumstances (even during maternity);
  • Technical training provided by partners, without underestimating the added value of On-the-Job operation and the constant sharing of internal best practices.

The success of this offering of programs and initiatives is further enhanced by the concept of sharing, for example, thanks to the community and mutual help of employees. Seniors also play a fundamental role in all this (team leaders), as step by step they follow junior resources along their pathway, orienting their professional growth.

In the long term, investing in people and supporting them every step of their professional growth translates into providing customers with the very best in technological and human expertise, wherever and whenever, while also achieving excellence in performance.

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