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Even after 40+ years of business, JD Edwards continues to grow, expanding its customer portfolio and supporting the evolution of companies.
Since its release, version 9.2 of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Oracle has been adopted by 86% of the customer base. Let’s explore Release 23 and understand the value of its new functionalities for company processes.


The continued success and future of Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle continues to update and enhance JD Edwards. The world’s most famous American ERP colossus has declared it will offer Premier Support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 until at least the end of 2033. What does this mean? Customers will be able to benefit from 24/7 technical assistance and access new functionalities and future product updates.

Without a doubt the latest release is a further step along the continuous innovation journey on the JDE 9.2 platform. With this update customers will gain maximum value benefit from their investment: enhanced information usability means employees can make faster and smarter decisions, while also improving customer involvement. Let’s take a look at new functionalities that companies can’t live without.


Release 23, the new features that boost the value of JD Edwards 9.2

The latest features introduced by Release 23 include Applications, the Digital Platform and System Administration. A triad of new functionalities for the automation and optimisation of company processes that also improve the user experience.



Oracle continues to simplify the use of Applications, enhancing and customising the user experience to boost productivity and interaction with JDE.

Improvements to Applications have been guided by the requests of JD Edwards customers and focus in particular on Procurement, Manufacturing, Order Management, Finance and HCM.

Digital Platform

Release 23 improves the company’s capacity for the automation of processes in JD Edwards:

  • Orchestrator, used by over 700 JD Edwards Customers, has been improved to enable the safe connection of company data in the EnterpriseOne DB with external systems, like cloud services, display tools or mobile applications like API REST. There is a new function “call orchestrations from workflows”, and the option of suspending elaboration pending “human activities”, such as approvals.
  • With the advanced functions of Logic Extensions, users can add and modify business logics without any programming skills, using a “no-code” personalisation tool.

Oracle will continue to invest in Orchestrator, Workflow Modelers, Notifications and Logic Extensions, as they play a key role in enabling the automation of company processes and expand the horizon of what our customers can measure, monitor and improve.

System Administration

JD Edwards 9.2 helps cut system administration costs thanks to version 23 and the following functionalities:

  • with the new self-service function for password setting, users can reset their password without system administrator or help desk assistance, leaving admin staff free to focus on strategic projects.
  • the Enhanced Update Manager can now apply updates through the client Web JD Edwards, thus boosting flexibility for system administrators and cutting overall patch life cycle times for production.
  • the Centralised configurations function for EnterpriseOne servers (HTML) enables the management of the HTML server’s configuration settings from a single work station, without the need to browse several server instances.
  • Enhanced Security: all information that passes between the web and the database server of JD Edwards is encrypted and secure.


Release 23, it’s so much more than just automation

As far as automation is concerned, this is an unmissable opportunity for companies looking to rid themselves of bottlenecks in company processes and boost productivity: this is exactly what Release 23 will help them achieve.

This latest update brings countless new updates to the JDE 9.2 system, both in terms of optimisation and customisation, which all customers of the software can benefit from.

It is obvious how a solution like JD Edwards 9.2 is strategic for companies that wish to integrate the most recent technologies and thus achieve a veritable competitive edge.

As an Oracle Partner for 25 years, Atlantic has consolidated its expertise on JD Edwards and we’re able to help customers understand its full potential. We are excited about these new functionalities, which will enable us to provide a constantly updated solution and satisfy the specific requirements of companies, generating tangible and immediate value for them.

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