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At Atlantic Technologies, gender equality plays a central role in our corporate culture. Our company has a strong commitment in creating a workplace where women feel empowered and encouraging mums to come back to work after family leave and offering a hybrid work approach that gives parents flexibility. We’re proud to have 43% women representing our entire staff at Atlantic.

Today, we are excited to announce our official partnership with Supermums; a social enterprise dedicated to the Salesforce community. It was created to upskill and train mums on the Salesforce platform and integrate them into the workplace. Today, they do even more than that.


What is Supermums?

There are over 45 million mums in the world, and counting. At the same time, technology is the fastest growing business sector.

With Salesforce, employees can work from anywhere and, as we have seen over the last couple of years, hours can be flexible making it the perfect sector for parents. So, why are there not more mothers in technology? Supermums was conceived to address this.

Over the last five years, Supermums has provided over £500k of free training to help upskill over 500 mums across nine countries.

Going beyond addressing the digital skills gap, Supermums also aim to close the gender pay gap and to support mothers who want to return to work without discrimination.


The Supermums Programmes

There are six different Salesforce training courses that mums, dads and those that aren’t parents can choose from to empower their flexible career:

  • Salesforce Administrator Course: a 6 month course that kickstarts the Salesforce career. Candidates will learn the essentials of the Salesforce platform, receive certification, and gain work experience on projects through mentoring.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Course: this 4 month course helps candidates to become Marketing Cloud Automation experts, with 2 weeks of access to the Development Org. Participants receive an Email Specialist and a Marketing Cloud Administrative certification.
  • Salesforce Consultancy Programme: this 4 month course teaches the principles of working in consulting and how to efficiently deliver Salesforce projects whilst learning about project management, business analysis and change management.
  • Salesforce Career Coaching: enables candidates to spend 3 months learning and growing as a Salesforce professional whilst building a network and applying the techniques to Salesforce projects.
  • Salesforce Business Analyst Apprenticeship: over an 18 month period, consultants can become qualified Level 4 business analysts and complete 2 additional Salesforce Certifications.
  • Salesforce Mini Courses: Looking to continue learning? Here candidates of the course can learn how to boost their Salesforce career and help nonprofits through Salesforce.

Atlantic Technologies, empowering women in tech

By partnering with the Supermums initiative, we empower women in tech and ensure that we continue to improve equality in the workplace.

At Atlantic, we believe in equality and inclusion. We work hard to make sure women are represented in our company. Besides that, we feel Supermums, with their training and mentoring program, can help upskill our team and also promote Atlantic within the Salesforce Ecosystem as a valid international Salesforce partner. We have a strong team of 200 consultants and a methodology that has been proven and practiced for 25 years. We are ‘People Powering Technology’.” – Pamela Callas, Atlantic Technologies

There are so many roles and opportunities within the Salesforce community and Atlantic Technologies strongly believes that more parents need to know about Supermums.

Flexibility means that mums (and dads) can upskill to develop their careers in the develop their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Whatsmore, there is a huge shortage of talent within the growing cloud technology sector, so more training, upskilling and care in correcting inequality will help companies like Atlantic Technologies continue to grow and thrive.


How to get involved in Supermums training

Supermums support each successful applicant beyond training and recruitment, to further career opportunities as their skills and experience develop and grow.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, reach out to our team today and we will put you in touch with our friends at Supermums.


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