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EAM Mobile: Functionalities and Advantages for Maintenance Management

Whether the Enterprise Asset Management activity is linked to plant maintenance, operations or warehouse management, the support of an EAM Mobile application completely revolutionizes the maintenance management. Let’s look at the advantages and functionality of the most innovative Mobile Maintenance solutions on the market today.

Functionality is the key to Intelligent Mobile Maintenance

The IDC InfoBrief* research shows that in 2025 the mobile workforce will reach 135 million workers in Western Europe. It is clear that mobile technology is part of a digital transformation strategy that companies can no longer postpone. Also, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been forced to increase remote activities.

At the core of a Mobile Maintenance Intelligent solution, there is a fundamental requirement: the adoption of common tools between different offices and plants. In fact, managing multiple operational and maintenance solutions is hard and expensive work. Our customer Dana Graziano is well aware of this and thanks to the support of Atlantic Technologies and the implementation of Infor EAM, they are now able to reduce maintenance times and costs thanks to the use of a single global solution.
Let’s review the characteristics of an EAM mobile application solution that make the difference in maintenance management.

1. Mobile Maintenance with an online and offline access

The day of downloaded data is gone and it’s been replaced with real-time updates. It is no longer possible to deal with maintenance issues without having real time knowledge or visibility of new orders before returning to the office.

The capabilities of an offline functionality allows technicians, supervisors and planners to easily access data while working in the field. With internet access, data is automatically synchronized to be viewed by other team members, all in real-time.

2. Configurable User Interface

Workflows vary depending on the job role and department so it makes sense that companies look for solutions with a specific interface for their needs and tasks. Having a configurable solution significantly simplifies training activities and reduces time and costs.

Companies have started to abandon the costly customizations created by IT departments and are increasingly looking for solutions that allow you to easily set up ad hoc workflows for different teams in the organization. Thanks to configurable interfaces, the IT workload is reduced, users are provided with only what they need to complete their business and proceed with significantly faster implementations.

3. Mobile Integration GIS (ESRI)

GIS or Geographical Information System is a web-based tool that allows you to analyze, represent, question entities or events that occur in the area. A solution like Infor EAM integrates this functionality through GIS mapping software from Esri, a leader in geospatial solutions. This integration provides an accurate representation of the company’s assets, linking records of Infor EAM equipment and GIS capabilities. Mobile users are able to download interactive maps of the areas covered by the service and use them offline, share geographic information among multiple users and change map extensions to focus on specific areas. GIS integration into the maintenance management system increases the efficiency of the workforce and rescues costs thanks to:

  • Assignment of work orders based on the availability of teams or individual resources
  • Direct generation of work orders in the GIS display
  • Workflow optimization between departments
  • Creating sequential paths to complete work orders.

4. Notes, Cameras, Barcode scanning, Regulation, Electronic signature and more

The best Mobile Maintenance solutions today offer maintenance technicians in the field the ability to enter most of the information they need thanks to the use of complementary features:

  • A camera to capture and share images
  • Easy to attach diagrams, manuals, detailed notes
  • Barcode scanning for data and equipment history
  • Personalized to-do lists
  • Use of RFID tags
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Electronic signature support
  • Tracking of equipment that needs inspection along the way
  • Sending comments and interacting with the Community

5. Wrench Time has never been more accurate

Wrench Time is a fundamental metric system that is used by maintenance operations and indicates the portion of time in which the technician makes improvements to a given asset. Thanks to EAM’s Mobile applications, it is now possible to obtain maximum tracking accuracy and record data directly in the system. No more scribbled sheets and pieces of paper.

Mobile Advantages for Maintenance Management 

Thank to EAM Mobile:

  • The Maintenance Manager is able to conduct and monitor all maintenance operations at any time and from any place, quickly and easily.
  • The Maintenance Technician has all the information needed in real time in a jacket pocket.
  • The Manager is able to plan, schedule and monitor maintenance activities directly from the application, generate automatic reports and make targeted and effective decisions.

One of the best mobile solutions for maintenance management is Infor EAM which allows you to view, add, update and delete information in the Infor EAM database without having to work from a fixed terminal. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Infor EAM Mobile guarantees numerous other advantages:

  • Planning: ability to foresee future needs and to plan for the long term thanks to innovative planning tools.
  • 100% paperless: the mobile application allows you to streamline the flow of information and offer immediate visibility of the work process to the management.
  • Disaster recovery: in the event of various types of events, the application will always be available and protected from any attacks on the network.
  • Optimization of field work: improvement of the repair rate at the first attempt thanks to key information that allows to facilitate the resolution of the intervention.

The Maintenance Team is able to devote more time to equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, execution and performance verification.

Infor EAM Mobile proved to be the ideal tool for Lucart who needed a mobile solution to access, acquire and communicate timely and accurate maintenance information.

“Thanks to Infor mobile and Atlantic Technologies, we have real-time knowledge on the availability of a spare part in stock with relative reduction of downtime, unnecessary movements and physical contacts.”

Michele De Giacomo, Warehouse and Procurement Account Manager | Lucart Spa

Lucart relied on Atlantic Technologies to launch the digitization project to equip the Maintenance Team with an innovative solution, to support field activities and the Asset Managers. Atlantic Technologies, Infor Silver Partner, helps companies achieve efficiency and growth by enabling a mobile workforce to work intelligently no matter where you are, Everywhere Enterprise.

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* The Importance of Unified Communications for the Future Workplace, 2019, IDC

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